If I had an octopus and you were a haenyo...
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From the tools link: We had a taewak in our house growing up. My mom used to keep her sewing scraps in it. I never knew what it was until now; thanks for the linkage!
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Interesting post, thanks grounded.
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I'm currently watching The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok, much of which is set on JeJu.

Her mother was a haenyo. I'm enjoying it greatly, but then I've come to love the k-drama recently. YMMV.
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There is a strength and grace and fearlessness in these women. Their story is inspiring and tragic, as they will soon live only in memory. Other means of harvesting sea life are damaging and indiscriminate, and there are few dangerous occupations that are so utterly owned by women.

Thank you for this, grounded.
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Unfortunately, Jeju culture is becoming less and less distinct from that of mainland South Korea. On the bright side, though, the reason the sea women are coming to an end is that they made good money and sent their daughters off to college, ensuring the harsh, dangerous diving life won't run in the family.
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Ama [related]
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Intriguing. Thanks for posting this.
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What I can't figure out from the linked material is why this occupation was exclusively female - if diving was so profitable, what kept men away from it and how did an all-female diving profession come about?
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Very interesting, thanks for posting this!
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Ian Baguskus a fine art photographer has a nice portfolio of Haenyo diver image: http://www.ianbaguskas.com/ian_baguskas.html (site is unfortunately flash only so no direct link).
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See also My Mother, The Mermaid a movie in which the protagonist's mother is a haenyo.
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