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FACTUM. To produce the series of works collectively titled FACTUM (2010), Candice Breitz conducted intensive interviews with seven pairs of identical twins and a single set of identical triplets in and around Toronto during the summer of 2009, footage from which she then edited seven dual-channel video installations (and one tri-channel video installation). Like Robert Rauschenberg's near-identical paintings FACTUM I and FACTUM II (both 1957), from which the series borrows its title, each interviewee in FACTUM is an imperfect facsimile of their twin: their apparent identicality is soon disrupted by a host of subtle differences. FACTUM KANG, FACTUM TREMBLAY, FACTUM MISERICORDIA, FACTUM TANG, FACTUM McNAMARA.
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Where is the button you press to favourite more than once?
posted by chunking express at 7:36 AM on August 16, 2010

I haven't had time to watch more than a snippet of any of them, but as a parent of identical twins... this is amazing. Thanks for posting.
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Can't wait to watch Dead Ringers again.
posted by hermitosis at 7:45 AM on August 16, 2010

Factum Kang was born on my birthday. that is all.
posted by spicynuts at 8:18 AM on August 16, 2010

Factum Tremblay is incredible. Thank you for posting this!
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Potentially interesting, but her cuttings are so nerve wracking and distracting that I couldn't keep watching more than a couple of minutes.
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This is very cool, but I was disappointed that it wasn't this Kang.
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FACTUM KANG is really cool. These videos are amazing.
posted by chunking express at 12:36 PM on August 16, 2010

Neat! I'll be watching Factum MacNamara with my wife. She was in one of their kickboxing movies!
posted by bonobothegreat at 5:55 PM on August 16, 2010

Factum? I 'ardly knew 'um.

I'll show myself out
posted by kcds at 8:17 PM on August 16, 2010

Apparently twin girls are more common than twin boys? Who knew?
posted by Goofyy at 7:08 AM on August 17, 2010

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