Franzen, Freedom, and video
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Jonathan Franzen makes a video partially about why he doesn't like making videos.
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he doesn't describe his new book much
NYT had a good review, though
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So, if we're going to talk about Franzen and his various issues concerning the media and publicity, we need to recall his 2001 run-in with Oprah -- where he basically rejected Oprah's endorsement -- and perhaps also note that he is now on the cover of the current issue of Time magazine. Clearly, the guy has some conflicted feelings about the whole popular success thing.
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I wish he'd not write any more novels about why he likes to write novels.
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Oh, oh, Jonathan Franzen. I thought we were talking about Jonathan Frakes and I was kind of confused.
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I'm going to have to read at least one of this man's works, as the Wikipedia descriptions sound interesting. His discomfort with the video format is palpable. It's a shame that content creators have to do the monkey-dance now. Videos: you can't read them. You can't skim them. They make noise. Rarely do we have a transcript.

Good on him.
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Yes, but isn't he kind of a baby? He's making millions of dollars selling very accessible/deliberatley middle-brow books to a mass market -- why all the hand-wringing?
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Well, if you think a video about how making videos is 'uncomfortable' is interesting, you ought to give a gander to Hegel's preface (to Phenomenology of Spirit) which starts with a discussion about why prefaces to philosophical works are totally pointless and unnecessary.
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And then, you know. Don't forget to read it in French, because in Eenglish it is nossing.
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He remains one of the world's most talented narcissists.
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christ, what an asshole.
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