August 4, 2001
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The construction of Memphis area Apple Store held-up by sign ordinance prohibiting the display of food products on signage. Sweet Gods of Commerce: What would Orange Julius do?! [via MacNN]
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That's a bit misleading Nathan. The opening of the store is also being delayed by the fact that they chose to have back-lit signage, which is against the city ordinances in more than just Memphis. The food bit is just plain wacko, though. Did anyone else see the video of the McLean, VA store opening during the last Macworld keynote speech? That has to be the most inventive window dressing that I have seen in years.
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McLean, VA, is one of the richest sections of the richest county in the nation, itself a suburb Washington, DC, one the few tech-heavy regions that continues to see it's tech industry sprint forward.
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They've got one in Glendale which basically is Los Angeles.
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By the time they're done rolling out, there will be a Mac store in every major city, according to a map I saw a while back.

Except where I am, of course. (Seattle)
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Mall of America makes sense given the general store demographics: One doesn't go there to shop. One goes there to gape in awe.

I think there's also one opening on Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. And that would make total sense given the average income in Newport Beach...
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Germantown (the Memphis suburb in question) is notoriously strict on signage restrictions. Several large national retail chains have been forced to heavily modify signs in order to comply with the strict regulations.

Memphis is a surprisingly Mac-friendly town and the East Memphis/Germantown area has a very high per capita income.

About 10 years ago when Kroger opened a new store in the heart of G-town (about half a mile from the Apple store location) the had VALET PARKING - it was largly a gimmick but it did last for nearly a year.
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