tsunami in the sky
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Cloud surfing the strange and marvelous looking Morning Glory. This film shows at 2:07 an animation of how the cloud is formed.

Sports photog Mark Watson video of Morning Glory surfing

The Morning Glory clouds appear in Burketown.

Info from Wired

Ribbons in the Sky, Wave Clouds and Undular Bores

"Violent air currents rushing to Earth at 1500 feet per minute"

Previously. Previously and here.
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I hate to be the first one to mention Armageddon here but clearly it is forthcoming.

Good game everyone.
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I love these sort of giant scale cloud formations. They make me suddenly see the atmosphere as the enormous, slowly churning sea it is.
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No. This is cloud surfing.
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I just had six of these appear in parallel over my neighborhood last week. Took pics. Nothing even remotely like 'em seen here ever before, and there was no unusual weather or wind pattern - and though they were gorgeous, I do not believe they were natural at all. No way. This whole year we've had all kinds of clouds, every possible kind, even a few lenticular, even though here in Northern California the skies are usually empty all summer long and we have a very small variety of clouds at any time. But these? They just don't fit.
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