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So it's only the start of the week and already you feel sucky and stressed? Maybe you should lay back, take a sippy, or light a spliffy, and get lost in some French down-tempo chill-hop from Wax Tailor, then some slicky Tricky, and let's finish off with Bonobo Ketto. That's right, I said Bonobo Ketto. So very much more from goldNskilL, Like Chopin and Stand By Me.
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It's Bonobo - Ketto.
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Psychonauts - Essential Mix

Massive Attack - Essential Mix

Portishead - Essential Mix

6 Hours of Classic 90s Trip Hop, mixed by the best of the best.
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Thanks, I love stuff like this.
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Given my current stress level, this is absolutely perfect. thanks!
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If you like your downtempo a little spacier, might I also suggest Ulrich Schnauss.
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Ulrich Schnauss

I like Schnauss, but the first few times I heard his stuff I was like "when did Boards of Canada come out with new tracks?"
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I like Schnauss, but the first few times I heard his stuff I was like "when did Boards of Canada come out with ooOOOOOOoorrange!

They're certainly similar. Schnauss seems to fill a huge space with vague clouds of nostalgia, wistfulness, or something between cheer and euphoria. What I've heard of BoC seems more distinct, concrete, and irreverent.
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This is my shit. I thank you.
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Today's music choices are well taken care of. Thanks.
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Oh, did someone say Bonobo? Mr. Simon Green has released four albums and a bunch of EPs, singles and some live material, and has teamed up with Andreya Triana to release her first album, Lost Where I Belong.

Bonobo is touring now, both as DJ sets and with a live band! If you're stressed from Thanksgiving stuff, he's playing with a band Los Angeles, along with TOKiMONSTA (YT sample tune)! Dear family of mine, it's not that I don't love you, but BONOBO IS PLAYING WITH A LIVE BAND. WITH TOKIMONSTA. IT WILL BE AWESOME. And probably a pretty quiet show, because it's after Thanksgiving.
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Such quality music - thanks for the post Puny Human.

Slightly more uptempo: Aim, Air, Limp Twins, Waldeck, Alphwazen, Parov Stella etc - all very chilled. Good to dance to, good to smoke to, good to lounge to - just good too.
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Can I plug my own mixes in this thread?
Check out: Particle 1000 0001
No One's Around, There's No Need To Fake It
Head In The Clouds
Chinchillin' (1, 2)

Or if you want more IDM-ey chill, try the Robots Are People Too series: parts 1, 2, 3
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Oh man, I love Bonobo. This style of music is perfect for my worklife.
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It's hard to beat Wax Tailor's remix of Que Sera Sera.
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Huh. A friend of mine from France gave me a Wax Tailor CD that's just been sitting in my desk for a few years. Maybe I'll give it a listen.
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Wax Tailor's website has what looks like every one of his albums, plus singles and remixes in full for streaming on the 'sound' page. More bands should do this..
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Hey, great post! I moved to Bristol once because of my fascination with Massive Attack, and the bass riff from Karmacoma (Portishead Experience) was the reason I bought a bass. (Crap, what's that soundsystem doing on my lawn?) Felt compelled to post some oldschool chillout: DJ Cam, Kid Loco, and the picture of this very pleasantly spaced looking Morcheeba on this video made me laugh. I like stuff like umod too though. In terms of non-electronic downtempo, Medeski Martin & Wood's sort of attempt at trip hop/funk doesn't really work for me, but prefer downtempo funk tracks like Green Tea with John Scofield. Happy meandering...
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