Digital Fingerpainters (heh)
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Love to finger paint with pixels? Or do you prefer the stylus for your stylizing? Either way, the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists beckons (gestures?). It all started with a group of enthusiasts on Flickr (Flickr group).

Membership is free. So is registration for the Mobile Art Conference 2010 (NYC), but they're accepting donations.

The Conference will be attended by a core group of artists who became friends through Flickr, but for the most part, have never met. Other participants will be students from the NYU ITP program and anyone interested in making art, music, animation or other forms of creative expression on mobile touch screen devices. Discussions about combining touch screen art with traditional and non-traditional media will be encouraged. Apple device users are likely to be in the majority, however, the event is open to users of all platforms and brands of devices.
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I like my Android phone, but as an artist the lack of decent paint apps vs the iPhone is painful. Nothing on Android comes close to Brushes on the iOS.
posted by Scoo at 12:04 PM on September 15, 2010

I balked for a second at the price of Brushes as I'm just a doodler and not some "serious artist", and there are a lot of free/cheaper drawing apps around, but ultimately went for it and I have to say, Brushes is really, really good even on the tiny iPhone screen. I can only imagine how awesome it would be on an iPad. As an example, and this is nowhere near complete, I did this with it and the aid of some random blur effect app.
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For a device about which people regularly shout "Where're the apps?!", MyPaint on the N900 is pretty damn good. (And it's free.)
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I'd get an iPad just to run Brushes. It's that good.
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