Finalists for the first-ever Vimeo Awards
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Finalists for the first-ever Vimeo Awards, culled form over 6500 submissions, these are the 45 finalist films in 9 categories.
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Notte Sento in the Narrative category is cute.
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Because I'm a nerd, I went immediately to the Animation category.

Something Left, Something Taken -- A cute little story about a forensics nerd and his girlfriend. This was a few minutes longer than it had to be, but the animation is charming and inventive.

Between Bears -- Symbolic to the point of being almost incomprehensible, but gorgeous visually and not very long.
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Has youtube ever done this? It seems like it'd be a wash, there's too much professional stuff on there, while Vimeo is clearly more of a place filmmakers want to post their own work.

I kinda wish I was going to this to be honest, at least for this category.
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This so awesome - everything I have clicked on so far has been - at the very least - entertaining. The remix category is particularly great - taking images and re-contextualizing them into new, sometimes deeper, meaning.

Thanks for the great post crunchland.
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Ditto on going first to animation. "Bottle" had me from the start because I have been a huge fan of the National Film Board of Canada's "The Sand Castle" forever. Bottle is lovely, hilarious... and inevitable.
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What is it about the word "from" that causes it to be misspelled so frequently? I see it all the time, and do it myself (form) constantly. Not snarking, just an observation.

LOVE Vimeo by the way, and thanks for the neat post.
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from v. form. The fact that both are spelled correctly is one thing. Sort of like lose and loose. In my defense, the "culled form" was culled directly form the vimeo website.
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Hi, I'm an amateur filmmaker. I want to make a film that treats a woman as a fetish object, use one sort of clever technical framing device - like stop motion, or frozen time or something like that - and have it make some meaningless commentary on love and life. Do you think my video could win awards? What's that you say, Vimeo is having an award for precisely that kind of film? Yay, mediocrity!
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outlandishmarxist: What are you even trying to say here?
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@Seagull.apollo: there are lot of good films on Vimeo. These aren't them.
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