Art of War
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Soldier-Artists in Vietnam. Flack jackets, pistols, iodine pills, insect lotion, sketch pads wrapped in plastic bags... Jim Pollock was a member of the Vietnam Combat Artist Program and this is his story (click through the links within the links to learn more).
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Thanks for this post. (Can you add "MACV" to the tags?)
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I added MACV as a tag, per your request orthogonality, but the only thing I could find per MACV is the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Is that related to the post?
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Yeah, everything military the US did during the war was under the command of MACV.
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Related Metafilter 63645 and complimentary Metafilter 63646.
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Pedant alert!

It's "flak", so it would be a "flak jacket."
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A flack jacket might be an article of clothing worn someone who publicizes something, so perhaps it's the best word for a jacket worn by a combat artist.
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His "Myths of Vietnam" section in interesting.

Great collection of music, good and bad, from the 60's. The first one is, of course, Ballad of a Green Beret. But it reminded me of a few good songs oldies stations have forgotten...
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