Chinese BBSes
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The BBS scene in China. Here, here and here.
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The middle link is a bit interesting, if incredibly dated and not exactly breaking news (we do human-flesh-search-engine stuff here some times) and a link to Quora and a dissertation equals a very soon-to-be-quashed post.

No narrative, nothing tying the elements together, and two nearly useless links do not a good post make.
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These people obviously never heard about 4chan...
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disillusioned, I find the linked-to articles very interesting. (Even if I did wince upon hearing about the kitten.)

4chan may be big, but it's not a billion people big.
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Of course, neither is the BBS community in China. Argh, could have stated that more cleanly. It's still likely a larger community than 4chan.
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However, the "MIT Only" bit on the paper in the last link is obnoxious. Thanks a lot guys. Am I done talking yet? ...perhaps.
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Somewhat previously.
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For those who don't read Chinese, Chinasmack is a blog that translates interesting forum posts and selected netizen comments. Lots of trashy gossip as well as important news. Plus a glossary (some NSFW terms) if you can read Chinese but don't know common Internet slang.
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What sort of software are these "BBS" forums using, is there a link to an example one we can look at?
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Nice one on the glossary link, acidic.
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So forgive me for being late to the party, but aren't these BBSs (there, I avoided the grocer's apostrophe) just Chinese shorthand for a community internet forum? I was getting all starry-eyed with the idea of the resurgence of FidoNet.

I guess there's nothing technically new, but a nation of a billion with a very different culture and set of expectations getting online to chat surely makes for some interesting emergent behavior.
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