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Catering to fraternal lodges looking to have some fun with initiates, The DeMoulin Brothers provided men of a certain era, with "danger on demand,"

Catalog #429, published in 1930, has been reprinted.

Explore the secrets rites of fraternal brotherhood, with such wonders as the lung tester, the exploding cigar. Not your brand? Say it with flowers. Go ahead, have a seat. Oops, maybe here.

Ready to take the pledge? Put your hand in this, now approach the altar. Finally, something that only a bunch of inebreiated men know how to truly enjoy, The Fuzzy Wonder Goat. Be sure to visit the museum and gift shop on your way out.
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The level of detail used to describe all of these devices is fascinating. "We're depicting the devil here, but we don't really expect you to initiate your members in a pact with satan."
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First link should be this.
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Such a weirdly wonderful artifact. I've appropriated many DeMoulin Brothers catalog images for mix disc covers over the years. I love how serious they write about having ridiculous fun.
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From Dobbs' link: Many of the orders were established as a manner of providing health insurance or death benefits to those who could not be insured or could not afford the premiums of a commercial insurance company.

Expanding on this, and how it worked, would be an interesting FPP on its own.
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I would so buy all of this stuff if it were still available. I mean, $82 for a goat with rubber wheels? That's a fantastic bargain.

Great post!
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"To create more amusement, we suggest that the goat be manipulated by persons wearing burlesque costumes."
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So this is what the New World Order will look like....
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Some guys still make ominous goat-riding jokes to new candidates joining my lodge. But it's all just in good fun.

Or is it?
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When Father Rode the Goat
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"Our dry mercurine powder is much cheaper than the liquid mercury and looks exactly like molten lead... The contents of the pot is simply cold water, with a pinch of our new dry mercurine sprinkled in it."

This sounds perfectly safe and reasonable to me.
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World government conspiracies used to be so much more fun...
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