Murray 4 Mayor: Let's just call it Skydome
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As mentioned previously, Toronto's mayoral candidates are almost farcical, with the most boring candidate caught in a sex scandal, another candidate who has the world's worst case of foot in mouth disease, and another who thought that presenting himself as a Mafia Don was a good idea. Thankfully, there's still Steve Murray. Because Toronto deserves something. If only he hadn't missed the registration deadline.

Steve's job when he isn't running for mayor is columnist, cartoonist and illustrator for the National Post. Here's his post announcing his candidacy.
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How is somebody running for Mayor when they couldn't get off their ass and file some paperwork?

Perhaps this is the correct time to announce my candidacy for the 2008 Presidential elections. Oh, and I'm running against Dewey and Truman, as well.
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Sorry, perhaps I should have been clearer in my post: this is a joke. I thought his site was pretty self explanatory. (you clicked the link before commenting, right?)
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I sort of read it as an argument against having too many candidates. It is the same argument used in the USA to combat third part candidates. I guess I have lost the ability to detect internet irony and sarcasm, and the author didn't use the universal mark for internet sarcasm (¡ - the upside down exclamation point (not i, the lower case I)).
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From Steve Murray's page on being available for public speaking:
Steve was also extremely flattered to give a few words on “stereotyping in the workplace” to the Ontario Association of Unerotic Librarians, a top-flight group of dedicated professionals!
Not only has he missed the boat to become Mayor, he's pretty much guaranteed a rough ride on this (librarian-heavy*) site.

*Not to say that librarians are 'heavy'. Or that being librarian-heavy is a bad thing. Or that the unerotic stereotype is true. Or funny. Or even appropriate matter for absurdist parody.

Oh dear..

(This is Reason #856 why I will never be eligible for public office.)
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His column is pretty dang funny on it's own. Thanks for this!
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Wow, this is fantastic. It'd be pitch-perfect in any of the currently-up-for-grabs big-city mayor or gubernatorial elections in the US.

In fact, Chris Christie basically became governor of New Jersey on that very same platform.
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Related: BlogTO did a feature on the fringe candidates running in this race.
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I looked at the jumble in Steve Murray's "Kidz Korner" and chuckled, then read the answers more carefully and laughed out loud. I like this guy, and wish good luck to Torontonians who seem like they've got kind of a tough call ahead.
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I thought Rob Ford was Chris Farley's new identity in the witness relocation program.
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I'll agree this is a particularly bad mayoral race. Every time I try & get engaged, I'm quickly turned off by the sheer stupidity of the candidates. Smitherman should have had this one in the bag and it's just amazing what a collection of assclowns are running this time out. Rob Ford seems to have dragged everyone down to his idiot level.
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I had never encountered Steve Murray before. He is pretty funny.
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Cito should run!
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Is this Chip Zdarsky?
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I know Steve Murray personally and can vouch for his integrity. In fact, I often find myself thinking of him and muttering, "What a guy!"
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I particularly enjoy the desktop wallpaper he offers with the phrase "Let's just call it Skydome". Amen, brother!
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I love you Steve Murray
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