I Have This Intimate Experience with Melancholy
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Juko Martina Holliday is a psychology doctoral student who uses multimedia projects in her dissertation research process. She explores how creating visual narratives of one's personal experience with mental illness might hold value as a therapeutic tool.

Note from Juko 10 months after posting her film, A Bent Over Back Don't Mean She Can't See the Sun: I just watched this again, after spending a long while away from it. I have been teetering on the edge of falling into another episode of low-downness, and I am amazed at how this footage functions as a reminder, a love note from my wisest self to my weakest self that it will be okay.
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It's a lot kinder than the last "visual narrative" of mental illness that I saw: a nearly 10-year-old story from NPR based on a schizophrenia simulator made by a pharmaceutical company. The video (and the incessant whispering therein) freaked me out.
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Also in that vien there's Psychiatric Tales from Darryl Cunningham (previously discussed here and here)
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This is a very brave, heroic attempt to "sit" with one's depression - watch it, transform it. This is a very special woman, who is a tower of strength. Bless her.
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