Spirit of Love
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Let's dust off our turntable, and the hash pipe and break out the C.O.B., which is Clive's Own Band, Clive being Clive Palmer, one of the founders of The Incredible String Band, who left after the success of their first album, took his money, and left England to live in alone in India. Later, in the early seventies, living off porridge and crackers in a caravan with Mick Bennett and John Bidwell, he released two 'progressive folk' albums, Spirit of Love and Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart, which some have called the best folk albums to have ever come out of Britain. Produced with Ralph McTell.
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Ah, The Incredible String Band...
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Clive Palmer related releases.
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this Wizz Jones clip is priceless.
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But is he still a scientologist?
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Love the artcornwall.org article of your Clive Palmer link. Tender and moving to read about his life, his integrity and musical passion.

Maybe it's a corner of my being that Donovan's music created way back in the 60's but I can't help needing to hear some psychedelic folk once in a while. Water.

Adding an Incredible String Band fan site into the mix.
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Fills me with the same beautiful melancholy as Incredible String Band.

...and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark —that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.
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Clive's Own Band

Oh my god, I initially read this as "The Clive Owen Band," and I got really excited.

Then I realized it was about the Incredible String Band, and I was slightly less excited -- but only slightly! Because the world always needs a little more Incredible String Band.
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I thought it was Clive's Original Band? And I love love love Moyshe McStiff.
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Ta muchly for that Wizz Jones link, it's brilliant.
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That's funny, because in Australia Clive Palmer is a billionaire miner who donates extremely far heavily to right-wing causes and denies climate change.

(And a dear, dear friend of mine)
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More tea, vicar? (Hold that tiger)
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I was a card carrying hippie in the early 70s, so although my biggest obsession has always been jazz, I am a full-gone nut case for Mike Heron, CoB, ISB, and anything else they throw out there. I only recently discovered Clive's own Band, and am still giving it listens.
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