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Just started listening to WTF, and I concur with the "highly recommended" rating in the original post. It's hard to find something to listen to that's surprising and discomfiting.
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Nothing like an incomplete list to drive traffic and hits to your blog.
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I, like a commenter on the post, am surprised that Keith and the Girl didn't make the list. They've been podcasting for years; some of the podcasts on that list haven't even made it 1 year yet. And they're hysterical, at least IMO.
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TPS, I only didn't include them here because A. They've been posted to Metafilter before and B. They have never had John Hamm as a guest.
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I'm a little bugged by how dismissive he is of SModcast, but I guess it's all subjective. I'm a little more annoyed that he called Kevin Smith's free giveaways of Fleshlights (his sponsor) "Gross. So gross. And also creepy and just yuck."

It's a sex toy. Grow up.
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Sort of hard to make choices based on a list without commentary - you can get these from iTunes.

My go-to favorites that I listen to weekly:
-> Comedy Death Ray. The host is up and down, but the guests are amazing, and the bizarre characters are what make it. Bob Duka's list of ailments (at the top of this page) is alone an amazing listen.

-> The Bugle. Their twitter feed is great too.

-> Giant Bombcast is actually pretty funny, if you like video games.
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Most of the ones I listen to have already been mentioned, but another one of my favorites is The Joe Rogan Experience. Episodes are usually two hours long, you can actually watch the recordings of it live on Ustream if you like. He has some interesting guests, and topics usually include stand up comedy, MMA, hallucinogenics, conspiracy talk, and the general WTF highlights of the Internet.
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They have never had John Hamm as a guest.

Hmm.. and yet no BS Report. Granted, most of it is sports-centered and not all that funny, but the episodes on reality TV are fantastic.
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A useful comments thread? I dun herd tale of 'nem but never thunk I'd ever see one wit mah own eyes.

Anyway, the lists are seriously missing The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling and Best Show Gems (Best of the Best Show). A good starter episode is Trip Whiting Talks About Planet GG [128k streaming mp3] [flash] where a confused man wants to brand GG Allin in the same way KISS is.
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You Look Nice Today was mentioned in the comments but missed on your list.

My daughter got her own ipod touch so now I can reclaim my old ipod nano and fill it with nothing but podcasts for my next trip thanks to this list! (that giggling woman on the plane beign elbowed by her trying-to-sleep husband will be me.)
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I've been listening to SModcast and Jay & Silent Bob Get Old quite a bit lately but I can only take so much Kevin Smith (this is where Smith and Mewes would go off on a sodomy tangent). WTF is pretty good but, like Smith, I can only take so much Maron. I still looking for something to fill the time between episodes of Hardcore History.
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The Bugle reigns supreme for me. It's the one thing I've posted to MetaFilter that's brought me the most joy and happiness over the years. Hell, I even made a friend once because of that show. God I love that podcast. I've tried getting into other podcasts but nothing delivers for me that consistently.
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I'm very partial to Marc Maron's podcast. Been with it since Day One.

Adam Carolla's podcast is nothing more than a sounding board for Adam Carolla's rantings which can be very entertaining or very grating.

Matt Berry (the actor who plays the CEO of Reynholm Industries on 'IT Crowd) has a hilarious podcast.

Joe Rogan - Unlistenable to me.

Chris Hardwick - Same.

blahblahblah: "
-> Comedy Death Ray. The host is up and down, but the guests are amazing, and the bizarre characters are what make it. Bob Duka's list of ailments (at the top of this page) is alone an amazing listen.

The host is Scott Aukerman aka Theo Brixton from the infamous Mr. Show 'Taint' sketch. He can do no wrong in my eyes. Also, Bob Duka rocks.
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I listen to seven of the shows on Splitsider's list and four more on PA's. The only thing missing is Stop Podcasting Yourself, which I'm sure Jon Hamm will visit next time he's in Vancouver. I would love to recommend Stephen Fry's Podgrams, but alas he seems to have stopped making them.
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From across the pond, The Peacock and Gamble Podcast is good fun.

Also, The Collings and Herrin Podcast
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Robin Ince and Josie Long's Utter Shambles

Holy fuck, how did I not know this existed? Thank you thank you thank you!

And in turn I recommend:
Answer Me This!

And big seconds to Jordan Jesse Go!, The Bugle, The Best Show, and Stop Podcasting Yourself.
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Hey, I commented in the Splitsider thread to suggest Superego, mentioned previously on MeFi. I'll echo my support for it here.
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The Bugle reigns supreme for me.

My favorite parts are when Andy launches into a heroic series of dreadful puns and John sobs quietly into his microphone. They have the long-suffering-double-act thing down pat.

Although when John Oliver first started appearing on The Daily Show it took me a long time to shake my initial "whoa, he looks exactly like a young Ben Elton" impression.
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I hope this is not considered to be self-linking, but over at the gold standard of comedy message boards, A Special Thing, they have a long "favorite podcasts" thread, and a few months ago I made a now-somewhat-outdated post listing every podcast mentioned therein. So if it's QUANTITY you're after...
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This list is absolutely illegitimate if lacking an entry for Keith and the Girl, the funniest podcast in the history of podcasting. Fail. FAIL, I SAY! This list is bad and they should feel bad.
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Anyway, the lists are seriously missing The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling and Best Show Gems (Best of the Best Show).

WFMU also airs Seven Second Delay, with station manager Ken and comedian and writer Andy Breckman. This way my podcast gateway drug.
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I love Marc Maron's WTF podcast. The two-parter with Judd Apatow was great. I'm going to give the Louis CK shows a whirl tomorrow.

I also enjoy the Sklarboro Country podcasts. However, I can see where some folks can't get into their style of comedy and the show's emphasis on sports.
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I gave both JordanJesseGo and KATG fair tries. . .neither of then stuck, really. I found neither of them very funny, but kept listening to them and they never got any better for me. I deleted both of them and feel that maybe it is genetic.
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No "Ask Mr. Biggs?"
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I wanted to post this list without comment, even though I did test all of these for at least being somewhat funny and semi-long-running, but anyway now here are my favorites from this list and the post on Splitsider:

Uh Yeah Dude is amazing. Less guffaw silliness and more masculine weed vibing, but their way with words is marvelously infective.

Comedy Death Ray: As I've said before, when it's good, it's gold, when it falls apart, it is horrid.

Road Stories, Adam Corolla and WTF are all consistently insightful but way too exhausting to listen to once a week.

Sklarboro Country appeals directly to my delighted immature 13 year old nerd brain.

Because of this post I discovered: RedBarRadio, the Bugle, the 40 Year Old Boy, The Gentleman's Club, and Matt's Radio, all of which are now added to my ever growing addiction iTunes DL list.
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I listen to most of these, but am keen to try some of the ones recommended that I haven't heard yet.

As far as Adam Carolla goes, I am about as far from being 'right-wing' (whatever that means these days other than deranged), and I enjoy the shit out of his podcast, most of the time. When he slips into (mock?) furious bellowing about whatever wild hair has gotten up his ass that day (which doesn't happen all that often), it gets a bit painful, but otherwise, thumbs up from me.

I understand that many might not agree, though. He can be off-putting. If you enjoy this interview with him, that might be an indication you'll enjoy his stuff.
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I miss listening to Marc's WTF, but I just burned out on him and his anger during one episode when he was hate-ranting about hummingbirds in his yard and reminiscing on stomping on mice when working as a barista. That, plus all the stuff after his divorce made me somewhat re-evaluate my love of him. He's a great, great interviewer, and I wish he was back on the radio - I think he's a better radio/podcast personality than stand-up comic - he's thoughtful, reflective and insightful, and it seems like he knows everyone in the business. But the anger and insecurities can get a bit much.
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I concur with Danf. I couldn't get into Jordan Jesse Go and KATG either. Not to say they're horrible, just not my cup of tea. Carolla, on the other hand is fantastic, as is the BS Report.

Some of the others I listen to on a regular basis are:
Widely Ranging Interests
This American Life
Spider and the Henchman
Free Darko Presents Disciples of Clyde
WTF with Marc Maron
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Oops, looks like they posted a follow up specifically for JJ-Go after I made this thread. Good work splitsider, and Keep It Up!
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What, no Collings and Herrin, Answer Me This or even the Radio 4 Comedy Podcast? Gosh, you'd think comedy only existed in the States.

I tried The 40 Year Old Boy based on a recommendation here, and I did not get on with it at all - the episode I downloaded seemed to be someone talking about lapdancing while a woman shrieked in the background. I also don't get Never Not Funny. Same with You Look Nice Today. think maybe there's a different style for stand-up in North America and it takes a bit of getting used to (compared with UK satirical shows, I initially found The Daily Show really obvious...then I happened to see more Fox news.) - Collings and Herrin may well sound very amateurish outside these isles too. Having said that, I really like Prairie Home Companion, so who wants to listen to me.

I like The Flop House and I miss Adam and Joe. Buit what I'd really like is a good sewing/knitting/crochet cast. Many of them are too technical or too 'describing things you can't see', and I'd like something funny. Lime n Violet were fun but there was some kind of drama-filled end to their podcast it seems.
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Smodcast, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Car Talk, You Look Nice Today... there are the podcasts that I rely on.
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