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Game designer Raphael "Raph" Koster (Wiki) has republished his essay "The Fundamentals of Game Design." Koster was the lead designer for the progenitorial (and, in its time, wildly successful) MMORPG Ultima Online.
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Thanks! Very interesting! I'm working on a flash game right now, and even though it's relatively simple, I like any advice I can get.
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Raph Koster's work was fundamental to modern video game design. Without Ultima Online, Richard Garriott's brainchild, there would be no World of Warcraft, Farmville, or Grand Theft Auto.

The lessons learned and documented by Koster regarding player interaction, anonymity, griefing, virtual items, and achievements are still touchstones for today's game designers in our 'social media' era.

As a player of Ultima Online from the first days, finding a truly open game world that allowed success by not only traditional player versus player combat, but by crafting and wealth building, was revolutionary.
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No time to read, I'm too busy sawing logs and looking for a safe place to log-out.
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