Two months from illiterate to MP3 trading hax0rz.
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Two months from illiterate to MP3 trading hax0rz. Very cool social experiment showing how easy today's GUIs are to use, especially for kids.
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This scares me.... I mean: hello? We discovered that monkey can play videogames, what's the big deal about kids doing what monkeys can do? Even my cats understand that the pointer is moved by the mouse...

What really surprise me is that we still need to study usability issues for freaky over-30 (like I am...) who have troubles in performing a simple double-click action.
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Mr Mitra found that within days the children were able to browse the internet, cut and paste copy, drag and drop items and create folders.

man, i know professionals who don't get these concepts.
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My co-worker that sits next to me: older lady. Nice. Friendly. I like her, except...double clicks links on her web browser.

Me: You know, you just have to click those one time.

Her: Oh, okay. (click, click)

Me: (grinding teeth) One click will do it. Just click once on the link you want to go to.

Her: Hmm. My computer isn't working right. I'm clicking once, but nothing is happening.

Me: (Rolling eyes) What link are you clicking on?

Her: This Microsoft Word link on my desktop.

Am I a jerk for letting this bother me?
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Am I a jerk for letting this bother me?

I'm not sure why you would expect something that counterintuitive to make sense to a neophyte.

You can set it up so Windows opens folders and programs with a single-click, by the way. In Windows 2000 (and probably Windows 98 or Me), open the Control Panel, choose Mouse, then choose Single click to open an item.
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Whoa, whoa... *Monkeys* can play *video games*?!??


Oh, and ColdChef? Don't let it get to you. Maybe you could change her settings so that everything *is* a link? (Win98 and up, no?)
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No wonder India is full of some of the best programmers, and IT professionals.
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I should have been clearer: my coworker is using a mac. A mac, people. It couldn't be MORE user friendly. Maybe I'm giving her too hard a time. At least she's stopped asking me on a daily basis how to change her desktop.
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Damn, that's bad.
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Learning to use the internet.

Illiterate Indian Street Children: 8 minutes
My Mother: Three years and counting
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For anyone who's ever worked a help desk

Read and laugh - I thank G-d every day I'm not on a help desk anymore.
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that's what I'd call convergence
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