What Cannot Be Seen
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What Cannot Be Seen. "This is an ongoing postal photography project. I mail matchbox pinhole cameras loaded with photographic paper to participants, inviting them to photograph 'what cannot be seen'. The cameras are then returned to me to be processed, accompanied by an explanation of what the participant has photographed." [on flickr]
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Wow, that site design really added a lot of emotion* to my viewing experience. Different experience on flickr.

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I linked to the Flickr set because I could more or less write the comments on Metafilter myself if I had only linked to the 'official' site.
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I'm not much of a fan of looking at photos 75x75 pixels at a time.
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Hey, look, an art site with a horrible, painful interface. How unusual!
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Did anyone put one inside a refrigerator to prove that the light goes off when the door is closed?
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This post is the sensation of being ready to sneeze, and then having the sneeze taken away from you.
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Hmm. Some very interesting photographs, but I suspect that has more to do with the great little matchbox cameras than the "theme" which contributed nothing.
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The world would be hideously boring if it was only filled with perfect interface design.

This is a sweet project - I love imagining those little matchboxes traveling through the mail, images enclosed.
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The Web needs more Mystery. Like this. Some of these places I have seen, most I have not, some I thought I had, many are resonant with my Often Average Life. Thanks.
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Here is a link to the Flickr slideshow.

I recommend pausing it (lower left corner) and making it full screen (lower right corner).

You can navigate with the left and right arrow keys, while the up and down arrow keys reveal and hide the caption, respectively.
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Hm. It seems the main page has been replaced with an ad for Parallels. I wonder what I missed, horrible-interface-wise.

Speaking of horrible interfaces, I haven't found a way, on Flickr, to view the descriptions along with much more than a thumbnail of the photograph. I opted to view them in slideshow mode and let the photographs speak for themselves. I was simultaneously haunted and baffled, to varying degrees of each.
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Firefox can't find the server at www.whatcannotbeseen.com.

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I don't know what happened to the original link. Maybe his site was hacked or some such thing. Anyway, the Flickr link works well.
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I can see all of these things.
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