Omar Souleyman, Syrian street folk-pop
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Omar Souleyman, is the Dabke Demon. Dabke is that wild line dancing thing they start doing 30 seconds in. Mahmoud Harbi (at 0:47) is the man who follows Omar around on stage, whispering lyrics in his ear.
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How wild was it? I dunno, they never showed anybody's feet!
posted by charlesminus at 9:36 AM on October 23, 2010

Omar Souleyman played in Amsterdam on my birthday last year while I was there.
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A friend sent me the first link a couple of months ago, that synth is crazy. The girls are gorgeous!
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The thing I remember most about seeing him was the incredible chest-bashing bass, but none of that comes across in any of these clips.
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And anybody who thinks that Sublime Frequencies are making millions off the back of people like Omar Souleyman is a fool who doesn’t know the realities of that independent and passionate basement floor of the music industry which the label inhabits. I’d be surprised if they make enough to run an office, pay a few peo- ple a living wage and keep releasing the music they love.

Thank you Andy.
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This is good stuff - thanks for posting it!
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HOORAY! A new dance style to learn! Like Pokemons, I must Catch Them All.
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<whisper>drink your ovaltine</whisper>
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That's hot!
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Less Omar, more dabke!
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The whisperer is cute, must be the moustaches! I like this
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Dabke, previously.
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It looks less like they're dancing, than as if their clothes are.
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Cool post, nickyskye. I just heard of Omar for the first time a couple weeks ago, when a friend from Holland (seems he's somewhat well known there) sent me some of his music. Great stuff.
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Mahmoud Harbi stands next to him on stage and sort of chain-smokes. And then he will whisper in the ear poetry that he's writing at the moment on the top of his head, and Omar will sing it immediately in the microphone what he heard.

From this article
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Now, singer and composer Bjork. That's evidently how you should pronounce the name spelled B-J-O-R-K.

I'm going to call my local NPR station and cancel my pledge after that lead.
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My friends' virtuosic Hasidic punk band is going to open for him at Johnny Brenda's in Philly soon. I am REALLY excited for the show!
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This is so good :) And the Syrian women are absolutely beautiful! No wonder they make them wear veils.
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