Winter of the Witch
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Low video quality, high Halloween value: the beautiful, original, Hermione in a magical tale. Her last line in the film is delightful.
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It has a nice nostalgic quality for me; early 70's music, Mary Tyler Moore hairdos, old cars etc. And more attention to story than your average TV movie.

But it's kind of difficult to watch. Many small gaps in the film esp. at the beginning. They must have had to make a lot of splices assembling the original reels to get this print digitized. Too bad, as this is likely the only way some of these old shows will be preserved.
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as i listen, i imagine this to be a MeFi meetup 20 years from now.

"Really, sex and laughter do go very well together, and I wondered - and I still do - which is more important."

-from Imdb
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the Gigi link

they just don't do anymore.
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Outa sight, man!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The first and only other time I encountered "I Remember It Well" was when doing research about The Black and White Minstrel Show. They did a lovely rendition of it between the blackface acts, and I fell in love with the song but that was just the absolutely worst context for it. Now I can listen to it all I want!
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So the plot is basically that witch doses a pancake batch with ecstasy, and they all live happily ever after?
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