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In the past few months vicent.zp has put up delicious photograph sets of vintage razors, fans, radios & cassette tape recorders, kitchen stuff, and lookie there, a Sputnik Weather Station. You know what time it is.
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Fun stuff. I had a clock like this one, only made by Sony, it was one of the very first 'digital' clocks and the noise it made flipping the numbers over could wake you from a light sleep. It lasted for freakin' ever - or until a roommate broke it.
I have a barometer/thermometer like this one too - part of a collection that runs from a computerized weather station to a 100 yr old 'banjo' barometer.
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Self-link: I found an old Dymo Labelmaker (circa 1964, chrome) while cleaning out the old cupboards in my office. Old stuff is cool.
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Wow. Beautifully shot.

I had a variant of this as a kid.

The watchmaker/clockmaker tools might be my favorite, but there's so much here.
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Note to self: Be able to differentiate between the exceptionally-preserved, originally-boxed and well-designed near-museum pieces like these, and whatever shop-worn, beat-to-hell, pieces-missing flotsam I have that "might be worth something someday."
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I'm pretty sure My family had a transistor radio that looked exactly like this "mini" calculator
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Very, very cool.
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That Panasonic Toot-a-Loop Radio was the first music playback device I ever owned. Listened to Top 40 on WNBC 660 AM. And we wore onions on our belts. Which was the style at the time...
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