Super Mamika
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"A few years ago, French photographer Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika feeling lonely and depressed. To cheer her up, he suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs (en français, but I'm sure you can figure it out) in unusual costumes, poses, and locations. Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn't take the smile off her face."
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Those photos are super fucking awesome, the whole story is incredible.
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this is only the greatest thing ever.
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I think this whole thing is so fantastic. Thank you!
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I believe I saw one in there where she is in blackface...
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Meet the lady indeed! MORE MAMIKA FOR YOU: 1, 2, 3.
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parmanparman, not all the photos on Sacha Goldberger's website are of Mamika. That was an actual black person.
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The treadmill photo is particularly clever. These are great.
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Grandma used to be a woman of action. She wore tights. She had big boobs, but a teeny-weeny bra. Her waist used to be twenty-four inches. Before she got so hunched over she could do way more than a hundred of everything, pushups, sit-ups, chinning... She had naturally curly hair. Now it's dry and fine and she's a little bit bald. She wears a babushka all the time and never takes her teeth out when I'm around or lets me see where she keeps them, though of course I know. She won't say how old she is. She says the books about her are all wrong, but, she says, that's her own fault. For a long while she lied about her age and other things, too.

She used to be on every search and rescue team all across these mountains. I think she might still be able to rescue people. Small ones.

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"Awesome" is the only word that can describe this.

Call your grandparents today!
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I have no idea why superheroes pretend to eat dogs, but that photo made me snort out loud for pretty much the first time on the internet. These are great.
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I think of all the photo sets that have ever been posted to Metafilter, this is my favourite. The photos and backstory are fantastic.
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She looks like the grandmother of Super Dave Osborne.
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The pictures where she is flying are so good.
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This is beyond awesome.
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Way beyond awesome!
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We must create committees to design new versions of the word "awesome" to describe this.
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This made me laugh. I love the expression on her face!
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Okay, that kick-started my day with a grin. Love the brick-wall version of the witch-hit-the-tree, and the walking the dog/treadmill were funny.
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Thanks so much for this big bowl of happy. Fantastic. Uberawesome.
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Cannot stop smiling. Thank you!
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You see this, Stan Lee? This is your next great superhero, right here!
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Just incredible. That photo of her in the brick wall made me laugh. What a sense of humor. Thanks for posting this!
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I love how when shes in bed with Superman, Batman is secretly hiding under the bed...
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Old people doing active things? Yay!
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I love clicking her butt.
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Love it!!
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My real grandmother is dead, but luckily I've found a replacement.
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This is truly Awww-some (the power of CUTE combined with the unexpected crunch of AWESOME)
My grandmas would have done this in a heartbeat, rest their souls.
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What an amazing lady! I can't stop smiling. :-D
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Sometimes I will have a random week day off and I will go to the gym, midmorning, when all the working stiffs have left and it's nothing but the old fogeys sadly, desperately clinging to their health and independence. I am bad person because I get impatient sometimes. (Granny, you've been on that weight machine for 20 minutes -- it doesn't even count as exercise if you don't put any weight on the pin.) Most days, I see nothing but long, silent faces, like the only reason they're exercising is because their doctor told them they had to. No one makes conversation or smiles and no one talks back when I say hello.

When I'm old, I'm going to show up at the gym in a cape, leotard, and a helmet. And that 40 year old doctor standing behind me impatiently can kiss my ass.
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I favourited this so hard I sprained my index finger!
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This is outstanding, thank you for posting it.
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Before she was a super hero, she was the favorite Grandmother on MySpace. Many images on her profile there are hosted by Photobucket, and she's over her alloted bandwidth, but her MySpace galleries are still there. They may have the same images as in Sasha's gallery, but without the flash-heavy layout.

Sasha has also uploaded four Mamika the Agent clips to Daily Motion. Larger than the YouTube clips linked by ocherdraco upthread.
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I recently deleted my account because I was only posting lame comments whilst inebriated. Then this post turns up so I bought a new account so I could favorite ;)
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My own awesome internet famous grandma approves!
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i have to do something like this for portrait/headshot :D
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for *my next* photo
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