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Filmaker, comics writer and Journalist Ann Nocenti, known for her run on Daredevil and being the creator of Longshot, now teaches film in Haiti. (More Ann Nocenti posts on posts on Hilobrow)
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How unexpected... the Nocenti/JRJR team was unstoppable. The run where he faces down both Mephisto and Ultron (vol. 1 ~250-280) is just legendary.

Thanks for the update.
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Yeah, it's overshadowed by the Miller run but it's really great stuff. Never really gained the same affection for her Kid Eternity but it was okay. When this popped up on Twitter it was such a suprising turn of events I thought it just had to go on MeFi.
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I dug Nocenti's work, particularly Someplace Strange.
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My first thought: right, because what Haiti needs right now is more film makers.

Then I read the link.

Turns out, Haiti could use some of their stories being told. Film seems like a good medium to do that.
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Longshot has one of the great mullets in comics.
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funny, i was just reading the wikipedia article on longshot this saturday, and laughed at this quote from artist Arthur Adams regarding said mullet:

"I think I was just trying to make Longshot look different from everything else that I could think of at the time, and I guess I did that. No one then, or since, has used that stupid mullet haircut.
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omg wrong thread
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wait, nevermind.

fuck me.
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