Fous ta cagoule!
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Fatal, the story of a country bumpkin from Savoie who passes himself off as a streetwise rapper. In reality the satirical creation of Michäel Youn, the French equivalent of Andy Samberg or Sacha Baron Cohen, rap group Fatal Bazooka have already had worldwide European success with Fous Ta Cagoule (an exhortation to attire oneself properly on the ski slopes - English lyrics here) and Parle à Ma Main, featuring Yelle. Other work includes Mauvaise Foi Nocturne and the Sean Paul/Benny Benassi/Eric Prydz-inspired J'aime Trop Ton Boule. Youn is also responsible for the familiar-sounding Comme de Connards and the completely nonsensical Stach Stach which was the number one single in France for almost four months.
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For "Fous Ta Cagoule" especially (my personal favourite), it helps to know that Savoie could be considered a slightly...backwards...part of France, and that those from Marseille speak with an accent that can at times be incomprehensible (the guy in the blue top is supposed to be from Marseille).
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I love it...I've been rocking out to tons of french hip-hop recently and this is great. Thank you!
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J'aime Trop Ton Boule is magical.
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the French equivalent of Andy Samberg or Sacha Baron Cohen

Who is the french equivalent of Dane Cook, because I believe I would be able to take him and the American version at the same time in a fight.
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Man that makes me want to go ski in the Savoie again.
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French rapper. So it's a farce?
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Aaaah, I remember coming across J'aime Trop Ton Boule years ago. Amazing. By the way, the translation of the title is something like "I totally love your face" or "I totally love your ass." Boule literally means "ball," but can be a slang term for head/face, or ass, depending on the context. In this context…given the video…I'm guessing "ass."
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J'aime Trop Ton Boule is magical.

Magically weird to hear someone using French to try and sound somewhat Jamaican.
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Magically weird to hear someone using French to try and sound somewhat Jamaican.

Paris is full of Antillais.
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French rapper. So it's a farce?

This got me thinking.

Could be a certain cross Atlantic cultural component, joie de vie and all that. There is a lot of comedy or comedic content in Quebec music as well. It would be interesting to see a study on the amount of angst in music from different countries (if it could be measured) and perhaps correlated or provide a window into well being of a society. Anyway ...

Quebecois version:
Bengee - Wassup Bengee?!

A few other joyous pieces (by different groups):
Omnikrom avec TTC - Danse la poutine
Arvida Crew - Mange le Crew
Les 200 Negros - Le Tabarnak.

Sacred subjects sought:
Loco Locass - Le but
Annakin Slayd - La 25ième
Richard Martin et D2 - Go Habs Go

The song probably receiving the most radio play here currently, while not rap, is a silly song too.
Les Trois Accords - Elle s'appelait Serge

French rapper. So it's a farce?

The other thing this made me think was ... if this was some sort of dig, and it feels a tad diggish or poking fun for your own amusement (lol, country of clowns ... kinda contrary to constructive contribution) well this is for your perusal ... we aren't total buffons.
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oh yes, rappeur français. You should check abd el malik. But M. Youn... is really doing everyrhing comme un connard.
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I've gotta say... there IS something inherently funny about French hip hop, but people there, they burn cars! That shit is hardcore!

Of course, my favorite french rappers are stupeflip.
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Suprême NTM (Nique Ta Mère - [Fuck Your Mother])
Obviously hardcore, think gangster rap.
1989 - 1998
Tout N'Est Pas Si Facile
Seine St-Denis Style (The section of Paris where the riots of 2005 started.)

MC Solaar More Like Tribe Called Quest or Mos Def.
1991 - present
Nouveau Western
Gangster Moderne
Au Pays De Ghandi
Hijo de Africa

Harcore similar to NTM.
2005 - present
En Noir et Blanc
La Vie Qui Va Avec
Senegalo Ruskov Molotov

There are many more, but if I research this any longer I'll probably just make an FPP out of it. ;)
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Gallic rap of fun
humor paired with French riots
Busta rhyme, tout suite
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