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Built as part of the fifth /dev/fort developer retreat, Spacelog.org allows you to explore early space missions via the original NASA transcripts. Currently live are Mercury 6 which made John Glenn the first American in orbit, and the 'successful failure' Apollo 13 (The transcribed key moment and the original). Alongside the transcripts are supporting materials from the NASA archives including photography and descriptions of the mission phases. The developers are looking for help to digitise the Gemini 7, Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 missions.
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Wow, I want to go to /dev/fort D:
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Oh man, this is nerdtastic. Thanks!
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Very cool! I would love to see this for all of NASA's manned missions. I can't wait to show this to my daughter, the future astronaut!
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While they don't have the journal transcripts for Apollo 13 up (I guess because it didn't land on the moon), the NASA site for the Apollo missions includes commentary, in part by the astronauts themselves, on many of the raw journal entries.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - Choose a mission, then scroll to the bottom to get to the meat.
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This should be in Projects.
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Oh wait no it shouldn't this is posted by an entirely different Garrett.
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♥ to those guys, i just knew when they got back there'd be some space cruft orbiting them. the two "product" people are notorious universe travel fiends and ex-last.fm founding team. it's a beautiful site with a UI that begs you to keep reading. like the space folklore.
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Like, like, like. The first (launch) part of the Mercury 6 transcript is a complete thrill. I'll be devouring these.
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I'm surprised "We've had a MAIN B BUS UNDERVOLT" hasn't caught on in the same way as "Houston, we've had a problem".
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I saw this elsewhere and wanted to post it, but should have known, my nerdity being a .008 on the nerdmeter, someone would have beaten me to it. So cool!
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