Happy December! Happy Reading!
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The December Lights Project: A short story archive An archive of fanciful, feel-good stories that will keep updating throughout December. These are tremendous fun if you like scifi, magic and fantasy. One of my favorites so far is Queen of the Kitchen, by Karen Healey.
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Hurrah, I have an advent calendar now!
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No Krampus beating children and dragging them off to Hell. Nobody get's their belly cut open or boiled like a skein of yarn. No group sex.

Hardly feels like the holidays.

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Oh, I'm glad to see this here! I "know" several of these authors & was invited to be a part of the project as one a 2011 debut, but I couldn't find the time. It's a great project, no ads or donate buttons or anything -- just free uplifting holiday reading from a ton of talented authors.

I love authors.
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Very cheerful and wintry. Much obliged.
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