The Urban Ballerina
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Ballerina Project — Nine years ago, young photographer Dane Shitagi walked up New York City’s Broadway towards the highly patronized and well known STEPS dance studios in search of a ballet dancer who could help him begin his project: to capture images of ballerinas in urban environments. Those images first started appearing on Blogspot, but have since migrated to Facebook. [via]
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I thought this was going to be about last night's episode of Fringe.

(if you don't know why, you're better off not knowing)
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I found the one with the empty fridge really disturbing, given the ballet context.
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Regarding the term "ballerina," an ex-girlfriend, who had danced professionally since childhood, shared a stage with Baryshnikov, and was in the core de ballet of American Ballet Theater, would correct anyone who called her a ballerina. That term, she said, was reserved for principal soloists.
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Corps de Ballet, it's corporeal!
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He sure does seem to run into a lot of rain on photo shoots...
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Wow! Many of these are fantastic.
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