Bad Romance: it's like, 1/3 pretty in pink, 2/3 xenomorph; one night to remember
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Do you sometimes feel underdressed at parties and or other would-be swanky deals? Do you want people to come up and tell you "This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous"! If so, just in time for the great annual suits and ties, black-tie, tuxedo festivities and the mythical 'Masquerade Ball' (Perfect Shoes. Perfect Waistcoat. Perfect Gloves. Perfect Mask. Don’t be shy, and don't forget to shake your tail.); the ultimate custom attire for the ultimate romantic look on new years eve, (or any other high-fashion affair) this genderless outfit is perfect for anybody; guaranteed to accentuate fluid curves, sharpen up your style, yet also bring forth that natural sharp angular profile, assured to put natural beautiful shiny skin-plates on display. Begin assembling today, if you want to assemble in time! That is all (oh yeah, brush your tongue-jaws before you go out, all of them).
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While I thoroughly enjoyed reading AD the making of these AD things, I felt as though AD there was something that was AD distracting me...
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* Pressing F11, however, will make it more enjoyable to read and reduces the annoyance of the ad.
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That is really cool, what bits of it I can see through the blizzard of crap on the screen anyway.
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Wow, fantastic! Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!
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Why can't I scroll down???
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does this count as crossplay?
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They mostly dance at night. Mostly.
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Is anybody else SUPER impressed that this kid got a working double-jaw built into that thing?
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I wonder if even this will do anything for Abe's love life?*
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I have actually been to stores looking for some damnasshell thing to wear to my wedding and going nuts. These links really cheered me up. Thanks!
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