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Merry Christmas from An unreleased beta of The Legend of Zelda! Videos showing it off: 1, 2, 3. Cutting Room Floor has documented the differences from the release version.
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A dynamite and vaguely relevant t-shirt.
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Happy Zelda Boxing Day, guys! Thanks for all the neat posts rupees!
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So, it's an incomplete version of Zelda then? I mean, it's not like it's so different as to be that remarkable...
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It is remarkable because Nintendo's development process is fairly obscure, especially from the Famicom days. Further, it shows us the kind of thinking behind Miyamoto's famed design process. Zelda is a fairly difficult game by today's tastes; this shows us that Zelda was in fact made more difficult shortly before release.

If you load the page showing the differences in Level 9, you'll also note that they removed the one "trick wall" secret in the first quest, probably because it was too obscure. It's actually a required secret because you can't get the Silver Arrow without it. Imagine what our memories of the game would be if a legion of players got to Ganon and were unable to beat him because the one item that could do it was in an unmarked map room only accessible by doing something required nowhere else in the game.

The first place with a trick wall in the second quest is already something of a barrier; I remember being stuck hard in the game because of that wall. It's better tipped off there however, since there's a path in a room that seems to lead to nowhere, which is something of a clue to try weird things there.
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I mean, ahem, awesome.
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"DAMN YOU JHARRIS ... I was going to post this."

No more commenting on things before coffee.
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Good god, this is great!
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Aaah, sorry about that griphus. But then, it was Zelda Day. Daa-daa-daa-DAAH!
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