Savory yet unsavory
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Alie & Georgia have an unusual culinary hobby.

Alie & Georgia mix cocktails, which is not unusual these days. But Alie & Georgia have a special knack for mixing with meat.
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Should have searched on mcnuggetini. My bad. Still, the videos are new.
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With a one sentence FPP like that, I was convinced it was going to be those people that love to cook with placenta. Boy, am I relieved that they just put meat in a blender.
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I too was expecting something equally horrific. You've already got the two girls...
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That French sounding music added a nice touch to that short (NOT the Food Channel) video.
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"Like someone came along and chewed your lunch for you."

I love it! Subscribed.
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about ten years ago, I was at a friend's house after we had gone skydiving to celebrate his birthday and slicing up bits of a pork loin to use in a curry, when our friend asked, "hey, do you mind reserving a bit of that loin?"

"sure, what for?"

"I wanna put it in some vodka and try to do a pork infusion."

and, hey, it was his birthday so I would indulge him in it. A few months later, the infusion experiment was completed and decanted and he made martinis with it. It pretty much tasted like liquid bacon. That pretty much kicked off a year long series of infusing kentucky fried chicken (wretched), peeps (surprisingly underwhelming), mashed potatoes (needed a do-over) as well as more mundane experiments like habanero, and various fruits.

which is to say ... McNuggetini as a chocolate white russian with barbecue garnish? whatevs. Call me after you've infused salmon into grain alcohol and sorted out a proper combination with sake, mead and blood orange bitters to craft a Salmon Teriyaki cocktail. Call it the Tsukiji.
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But their "bloody" cocktail doesn't involve blood! And I DEMAND BLOOD.
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"If you had a bad day you may want to use a little more."
"But if you had a good day, use a little more."
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Pshaw. Needs more HIV-positive menstrual blood with rubidium chloride-brined kumquats.
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I have fond memories of the time I went to a schnitzel-cooking party with a friend whose favourite drink was a home brand supermarket "chocolate bavarian" dessert put in a blender with half a litre of Farmer's Union Iced Coffee. Needless to say at some point someone decided that it would be a good idea to add a schnitzel to the bavarian thickshake before pressing "blend".

I didn't try it, but now I kind of wish I had. Apparently it tasted like cardboard.
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This seems like as good a place as any to mention that I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, that I can find no recipe for a cocktail involving ranch dressing. I know it must exist, and I will find it.
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Bon Jovi's Kitchen

One shot of Jagermeister
A little bit of ranch dressing
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Too fancy. I use Ragu, Smirnoff, garnish with pepperoni and add a swizzle stick carved from a Slim Jim.
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