In Memoriam, 2010.
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In Memoriam: a toast to some of those who left us in 2010.
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posted by ericb at 2:55 PM on December 31, 2010

It just occurred to me how many deaths this year were Airplane! related.
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sure they will be missed and hopefully new ones will replace them.
R.I.P. fine people.
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I was stunned to realize I had forgotten that Lena Horne had died.

And The Whelk, I'm with you. 2010 was a bad year for Airplane! alumni.
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Ditto, That's Numberwang!. I didn't know about half of them. Wow.
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Not quite on topic, but right now I'm playing a lot of Ricky Nelson, who left us 25 years ago tonight. Hopefully, he found the rest he didn't know in life.
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Well, hell -- I'll try to raise a glass to each and every one of them this evening, and I may raise two to Rapid Robert Feller, a childhood hero (although he retired before I was born).

It was also a bad year for 1960s television spies, what with Peter Graves and Robert Culp both checking out.

I had no idea Mitch Miller died this year. In fact, I had no idea Mitch Miller was still alive. I doubt anybody under forty knows who he was; but Mitch and the Gang were an essential part of Christmas when I was a kid.

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R.I.P. Michael 'Eyedea' Larsen.
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No Alex Chilton or Don Van Vliet. I'm not surprised.
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No Alex Chilton or Don Van Vliet. I'm not surprised.

Or Ronnie James Dio. I'm equally unsurprised.
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And tonight marks the anniversary of Hank Williams' death.

. indeed.
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No Abbey Lincoln, either...a great jazz singer.
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Not mentioned: Boney M dancer, "vocalist" and disco legend Bobby Farrell, who died December 30, 61 years old. He died on the same day and in the same town as Rasputin, the subject of one of Boney M's biggest hits.

"Barbra Streisand", a rework of Boney M's hit "Gotta Go Home" is currently on the club charts worldwide.

RIP "Daddy Cool".
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This is terrible. Three-quarters are ephemeral entertainers. A handful of corrupt and predatory politicians, their sycophants and camp followers. One genuine creative spirit: Salinger. Christ, Steve Jobs' cancerous pancreas and Mark Hurd's lost job are more deserving of a funeral oration than this list.

All MSBNBC had to do was to read the Economist obits for the past year to find scores of people more important, interesting, and deserving than this gang of vapid celebrities and courthouse loafers. MSNBC FAIL.
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Howard Zinn RIP
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Yes. To Howard Zinn. Well, you knew he wasn't going to make MSNBCs roll call.
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Who dies? We all die a little bit, every year (and in smaller increments, too). *We* are the dead and the living; we are living and dying every moment. The dead exist within memory of the living. We mourn not the dead, but memory of the dead. Mourn not, remember to keep your heroes alive.. I once read a story about a woman - a social worker - who tried to locate even one person who cared for hardened criminals who had met unkind endings. For most, she was able to find at least one person who mourned; for those who had no mourners, she, herself, mourned - because they were not remembered.

As for these lists, all of them - they're vapid. What about the now late diabetic mother who held three jobs - day and night - to support her kids, and put them through college? We will never stop honoring alphas - we're wired to follow - but we need to remember that there are heroes all over the place.
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some amazing people!!! RIP
posted by wonderwoman7 at 7:57 PM on January 1, 2011 is really the place to go for this sort of thing ...
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They seem to have left out the death of one of the art world's most influential people, Louise Bourgeois.

I was surprised to see Wilma Mankiller make it though.
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