NexusClash (nee WIGBL)
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A new Breath has begun for Nexus Clash, a reimplementation of the now-closed browser-based game Nexus War (prev), with extra skills and classes to play with. Gameplay is map-based PvP, inspired by the classic Urban Dead.

The second "Breath" has just been launched, with all characters starting over from Level 1.
At the end of every Breath (occurring every 9 to 18 months) all characters are reset to the starting level, and new maps are introduced. The first Breath was an Alpha period, going by the name of "Worlds in Global Battle Locked" or "WIGBL". This has been changed for the Beta period to the snappier "NexusClash".

The fan-made Nexus Clash preserves the NW gameplay of "basically a massive nerd fight at the end of time, with angels, devils, machineguns and magic in a gloriously goofy anachronistic mix."
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I was sad to find out that Nexus War had ended. Woohoo!
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I'm sad to find out that a new Nexus War has begun. (Because I barely have any free time as it is)
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Time restrictions mean that I am pretty much safe from these at the moment, unless someone invents one which works well in a mobile browser, in which case I am screwed.
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Yeah I made a guy and wandered aimlessly through a desolate landscape for a while, set up a can of peas to take potshots at, stumbled over a bunch of corpses, found a couple people who wouldn't talk to me, searched randomly and came up with a bunch of junk, and then ran out of energy and basically just petered out.

Which is basically how my life goes so, hey, points for verisimilitude. But still kinda boring.
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Oh, man. The hours I spent on Nexus War. (Or, more properly, on IRC talking with other NW folk.)

Good on you, BobGeneric. And good on you, jorm.
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Yay! I loved Nexus Wars until the horrible Cult system was implemented and infusion became a central focus. I'll be signing up to check this out. Thanks, WhackyparseThis.
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I missed Nexus War at first. I quit logging in after the last update with the cults and other planes. At some point all of my characters were just searching for stuff.

I'd occasionally log-in and see what was happening in all the strongholds my characters were in, and there was nothing happening. The infusion game made raiding that much harder to pull off, especially for the smaller factions.

Thanks for the heads up, WackyparseThis, I'll have to give it a play.
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Hmmm.... No strongholds yet since everyone is a low-level mortal at this point. That makes leveling by any other means than combat quite difficult. New players might be turned off from the game, too, since most of the fun of the original was raiding and other faction-based activities.
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Thanks for posting this, I've been murdering people for two weeks now.
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