A portfolio of space imagery and videos
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"The theme of this blog is not only and obviously space, but in particular places in space that a person might theoretically be able to one day visit. So for the most part, nebula, galaxies and the like are not a part of this forum. I tend to focus on “terrestrial” places or places that host such places. I suppose I would like to find out more about these places that we may one day inhabit or simply visit."
Hat tip to Nice Guy Mike!
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Why would I only go for a one day visit?
posted by spitbull at 2:20 PM on January 14, 2011

But does he blog one space, or two?
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Hmph, I never actually thought to FPP it.

I ran across the website looking for, funnily enough, images of Europa to make a desktop background. There's some real gems hidden in the archives, including real photos, touch-ups, re-colours and renders. Take a look at some of the Jovian moon images: 1, 2.
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