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The photography of John Divola Divola's website can be a bit overwhelming, containing four decades worth of photographs, but it is well worth the effort. From his landmark Zuma series from the seventies, to his more recent shots of the X Files and Brady Bunch sets, there is not a dull image in the lot. I would also recommend Five Prints from the '80s, Isolated Houses in the '90s, and Artificial Nature and Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert from the '00s.
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Very nice and you can like use and click around on the web site. And Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert is a great idea for a photo series.
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Point of order -- the "X-FILES and BRADY BUNCH sets" are actually all X-FILES. The penultimate episode of X-FILES was about a man so obsessed with THE BRADY BUNCH that he was actually manifesting the show in reality.
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Cool, thanks empress. I never watched that show so I was confused why the Brady house was in there.
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