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May 24
A week ago, Transworld Skateboarding released DAEWON, a documentary about the life and 30-year career of legendary skateboarder Daewon Song. It's free to watch on YouTube. - 2 comments

May 23
Sea otters are bouncing back - and into the jaws of great white sharks The sharks aren’t actually trying to eat the otters, preferring calorie-dense, blubbery prey like seals and sea lions. The bites are merely investigative, with sharks recoiling with a mouth of fur instead of a fatty meal. But such bites often cause mortal injuries to the otters, and they’re now happening more often off California’s beaches. - 6 comments

As the internet continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, one thing always remains constant — The Pirate Bay - 41 comments

Hi, this channel shows drain cleaning blocked sewer drains using a high pressure water jet machine. The high pressure water hose that cleans the drain has specific nozzles on the end for cutting out tree roots, grease blockages and clearing rubble out of drains. It is a disgustingly dirty and smelly job, but some one has to do it, so it may as well be me. Thanks for taking the time to view my dirty videos. (h/t Miss Cellania) - 16 comments

Brexit: The Naked Truth (Dr Victoria Bateman, Cambridge, 2019)NSFW VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY - 10 comments

Hello! My name is Fitch. I’m a bot (v4.0) learning to ID reptiles & amphibians in pics. Tweet @WhatTheHerp for IDs. Report sightings to to help. - 11 comments

Found Cat - Need Owners ASAP - 65 comments

Holly Hendron's new album PROTO is, according to Fader, "an engrossing testament to the power of multiple voices singing in unison. One of those voices is a computer named Spawn", an AI trained in live ceremonies in which hundreds of people were gathered to teach it how to identify and reinterpret unfamiliar sounds in group call-and-response singing sessions. The video for Eternal might give some context. - 11 comments

Teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard. More info on the series at io9. - 142 comments

Mary Bacon took a bullet while pilfering fruit as a child. Mary Bacon dropped out of school in the sixth grade and was pregnant by age 16. Mary Bacon had a romantic relationship with Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. Mary Bacon was kidnapped by a stalker. That same stalker later tried to shoot her with a gun. Not all of those sentences are complete horseshit. - 5 comments

Terminator Dark Fate [YouTube][Teaser Trailer] Terminator: Dark Fate is the sixth film in the Terminator franchise, but acts as a direct sequel to only the first two movies: Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The other three films are now considered part of an alternate timeline, according to the filmmakers. - 87 comments

"The acclaimed songwriter of hits like Forever Young and Maggie May contacted Model Railroader magazine to talk about his other achievement, Grand Street & Three Rivers Railroad." - 21 comments

"Even the most basic liberal democratic right—the right to vote, about which there is no end to sanctimony in this country—has never been equitably put into practice. Gaze upon our system’s vaunted political blessings from the perspective of, say, someone in Puerto Rico, and they look even more mixed than they do from the mainland, where the Constitution places more weight on rural votes and less-populated regions by design." Reclaiming the Future: On the growing appeal of socialism in an age of inequality "The top 0.1 percent of Americans held 20 percent of the nation’s wealth in 2016 (up from 7 percent in 1979) and owned as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Evidence suggests that the threat that the wealthy pose to what Rawls termed the “fair value of political liberty” has become extraordinary." Socialism and the Democracy Deficit "In reality, though, the resurgence of socialism in our time is a tale of dogged organizing against formidable odds of attaining simple cultural and intellectual visibility, let alone electoral success. " The Socialist Network (The New Republic) "But here, the local DSA has exactly the sort of qualities that have long been hard to find in left groups: practicality, organization, and friendliness. What has impressed me most is that they fundamentally care about actually getting things done, and not just engaging in symbolic politics." Why I Love The DSA (Current Affairs) - 12 comments

Need some more brass music in your life? Try some Meute (official site), a German techno marching band, combining "hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music ... just drums and brass, no computers involved" (YouTube profile). They're between the bombast of Too Many Zooz (YT) (previously, twice) and the grandiose scale of Acid Brass (YT) (mentioned previously). But like Acid Brass, it's all covers of techno tracks, like Laurent Garnier's "The Man with the Red Face" (original track; YTx2). If you want your brass mixed with vocals, accordion and other joyful noises, try some Afrobalkan Dance music from South Africa (YT) courtesy of Bombshelter Beast (official site). More of all this below the break. - 11 comments

He said he'd been diagnosed with AIDS in the early 1980s, at age 30, and had never expected to reach his 40s....To finance the life he kept thinking would end at any moment, he had committed increasingly creative and reckless varieties of fraud. He told me in our first conversations that he had faked his own death several times; I couldn’t quite keep track of how many. He had stolen his brother’s identity and faked his death, too, despite the fact that his brother was already dead. - 6 comments

Wife sales were located at inns, ratifying pledge cups were quaffed and purchase prices were often in alcohol. - 9 comments

Out of sight of most New Yorkers, though, was the development underground: a series of tunnels that ran beneath the streets to connect a number of the [Jehova's Witnesses] properties. And though the tunnels began to be filled in two years ago, their fascinating history has recently begun to come to light.
Inside The Lost Jehovah's Witnesses Tunnels Under Brooklyn Heights - 25 comments

PLOS has added an opt-in option for authors to publish their peer review history alongside their accepted manuscript. The documentation for each review process will have its own DOI. - 14 comments

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