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May 19
Zeynep Tufekci in the New York Times: "That core principle of liberty, the right to be free of intrusions and surveillance of this scope and scale, needs to be defended against the new technologies that have undermined it so gravely." - 1 comments

History Hit brings us Dan Snow being shown around Westminster Abbey by Sir David Cannadine, and it's a history lesson, an architectural tour, and a pilgrimage all rolled into 28 minutes. Enlightening and fun! - 3 comments

Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas, and so the city put put his silhouette on the town water tower. On Monday, a man was arrested for shooting a hole in the water tower. - 28 comments

"Once upon a time, the world was cruel, and there was a witch who knew it well. And so, she sold her heart away and built a house in the woods where the world could never find her. At first she would let no one into her fortress. But in the long march of days, a strange thing happened: in her own cold and spiteful way, the witch made a friend... and then another... and then several more, until her house was teeming with colorful faces and complicated lives. The house would come to be known as Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast, and it would last for a very long time." - 2 comments

The Long, Slow Death of Lehman Brothers. You would think that Lehman Brothers, the bankrupt firm that inaugurated the financial crisis of 2008 would be dead and buried by now. Not so. "About that same time, on the seventh floor[the day of the bankruptcy], there was a run on the on-site snack shop. Staffers were panic-buying fruit and chocolate bars, afraid that the payment cards they loaded with cash would become worthless. Some returned to their desk with arms full of bananas. It was a microcosm of what Lehman’s administrators would be doing for the next 14 years: answering questions from people who had claims on Lehman—not lunch cards, but bonds—and then deciding how many bananas they could give them. - 20 comments

For your late night chill-out phantasmagoria needs, may I offer some sick tunes & some sick toons?: DWIG — Orange Evening; Daniel Norgren — Howling Around My Happy Home (Margee Rework); Dead Pirates — UGO (warning: dumb toon boobery at the end); Mcbaise — Water Slide (feat. Kamggarn). - 2 comments

Science Education in an Age of Misinformation, a 51 page report (pdf). Co-author Carl Bergstrom summarizes in a Twitter thread: [Science] textbooks largely traffic in certainties—the settled "facts" of last year's science. This can be terribly disorienting when science-in-the-making is suddenly thrust into public view by ongoing events... Students need to know about how scientists manage uncertainty. - 17 comments

TheBaseMesh by Tim Steer: Whether you need a mesh for Digital Sculpting, creating a High or Low poly model, Game Prototyping, draw-overs for concepting or any other creative endeavour, this [CO0-licensed, weekly updated] asset library has you covered. Every model adheres to real-world scale and comes with basic UVs, so you can get to making those all-important creative decisions faster. ZIP files contain both .FBX and .OBJ files. Happy creating! - 2 comments

Greek composer Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou, noted for the soundtracks of Blade Runner and Chariots Of Fire, and compositions honoring the NASA's 2001 Mars Orbiter mission and the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission among many, many others, and better known as Vangelis, has died. - 68 comments

In the back end of Tajikistan seems like there is an ugly police action underway. Badakshan is the "other half" of Tajikisan, home of the Pamirians. They are ethnically distinct from the Tajiks and are Ismailis (followers of the Aga Khan) so they tend not to mix with the majority Tajiks so much, despite meddling since the 70s at least. So why is this ugly thing happening? - 8 comments

The pro-Depp, anti-Heard stance is now a dominant trend on social media. What is with these people? (SLAtlantic) - 204 comments

Ant Game! Place anthills and see how much food your ants can collect before time runs out. Make your own maps in Sandbox mode. Compete against the world in Daily Challenges. - 16 comments

This Hacktivist Site Lets You Prank-Call Russian Officials [archive] To protest the war in Ukraine, auto-dials Russian government officials, connects them to each other, and lets you listen in to their confusion. - 13 comments

Disconnect from work and let the horses of Iceland reply to your emails while you are on vacation. (Seriously) - 22 comments

The Diablo Sandwich was first ordered by Sheriff Buford T. Justice at the Old Hickory House BBQ joint during a pause in his pursuit of The Bandit. It is washed down with a Dr Pepper and eaten while you are in a God Damn Hurry. Variously described as a pulled pork sandwich, an executive burger, or a jazzed-up Sloppy Joe, most variations are a combination of beef, tomato sauce and sour crème, though a forensically detailed analysis concludes with 'for the purist, one must use Trappey's hot sauce'. Recipes: Oakland County Moms, Cook Gem, Vaya. Previously. - 25 comments

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