The Global Toll
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The Global Toll A nicely done graphic from the Times outlining just how widespread the losses are. This really lends more perspective to the arguments that this was "an attack on humanity" rather than solely the U.S. [Found on Nixlog]
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Inna Lilla-he Wa Inna Elaihi Raajeoon. Ameen.

From Allah We Come And To Him We Return. Amen
posted by adnanbwp at 10:55 AM on September 18, 2001

WOW... These numbers are not included in the number being reported missing by the US news press...

This will increase the toll to upwards between 6,000-7,000 people missing and/or dead...

And I doubt that number will be finalized with tourists and others who may have been in the building, but aren't known missing yet.
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What an image. It certainly brings a lot of things home.

Shame they got the flag of Venezuela upside down though.
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No one from Russia. Was there an embargo against Russians to work in WTC ?
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What were all those Columbians (199) doing in the WTC? Also odd that with such a small number of bodies recovered so far, 100 of the "confirmed" dead were from the UK.
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I was surprised that 650 Pakistanis worked there.
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If you count not only the bodies recovered and identified in NY, but also the individuals on the planes, who most certainly perished, the number of confirmed dead increases quite a bit and perhaps it's a little more feasible that 100 were from the UK.
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da5id: I think The Times screwed up a bit. The number of missing or dead being given out in NYC (and posted verbatim in this graphic) isn't being broken down by nationality, American or otherwise. Meanwhile, every other country is only referring to the dead of their own land. In other words, the 4,905 listed next to the US flag is probably already including all the other numbers from everyone else.

That said, the dead/missing toll has jumped up 5,422 to since this graphic was printed, and I'm not yet sure where those extra 517 people suddenly came from. So who knows.
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Not to make light of the toll, the floor-by-floor head count of the missing published in Sunday's New York Times [sept. 16, p A10] adds up to only 1792 [excluding the 200-300 fire fighters and police]. This map of the missing is a representation of the 'ethnicities'/'citizenship' of those who worked at World Trade Center. According to NYT, 40+ of the 70 employees of Windows on the World, the restaurant on the 107th floor of the North tower, were Bangladeshis. So when you see the death toll of 50 from Bangladesh in the map linked above, they were not tourists, but workers in the building.

The Pentagon officials have counted the passengers of the airplane that crashed into the Pentagon in their 180 casualties. There are quite a few double and triple counts in all the sites.

There were hardly any tourists at the WTC at 9:00 AM in the morning.
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Another flaw in the map is that the figures seem to have been compiled ages ago (or at least from material that was not very recent). two examples:
- Belgium's number of missing persons on the map is 60, but this was the figure circulating last Thursday. Most of these have been accounted for over the weekend. The numbers here are down to 1 confirmed, and 5 possible.
- Germany's number of missing is said to be 270. But the German officially brought that number down to 100 yesterday.
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I wonder why they used a map with the USSR still on it. You'd think in the last 10 years a decent clipart file would become available.
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why were you surprised at 650 Pakistanis working at WTC ?

We do not run Gas Stations and Pakistani Grocery stores only you know.

posted by adnanbwp at 2:55 PM on September 18, 2001

How was India missed entirely? Marsh USA and Cantor Fitzgerald had a significant number of people from Bangalore, India- did they all make it out? A lot of the missing people photos at CNN list WTC employees from Bangalore.
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No, no, no Adnan - not surprised as in "Wow I can't imagine Pakistanis there", surprised as in "The population of those buildings was so much more diverse than I'd ever thought". Not being from NYC, I forget how much of a melting pot it really is.
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Putting these kinds of figures together is a very difficult job. The numbers reported have to come from each government of the many nationalities involved, and there's apt to be a lot of varience in how much time it takes for the various buraucracies to figure out who's missing, and the likelihood that they were in the WTC at the time of the crash.

That being said, this is a fascinating account. I'd like to see the final status in another year or so.
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