Playing cards from around the world
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Playing cards from around the world. Spanish cards, Swiss cards, Finnish cards, Israeli cards and Japanese cards, for example. Just a small part of the collection at the Elliot Avedon Museum and Archive of Games at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.
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Brings back memories of playing obscure card games with a game history geek friend of mine at the SCA Heraldic Symposium once. And of course drinking a lot.

Flower Cards is kinda fun really.
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I love playing card deck art, and once set out to design a set... I think I ended up drawing three of them.

Here's another person with a great online collection of unusual decks, including an aluminum deck, and a set of werewolf theme cards, whose page leads in with this remark:

I know what you're saying: "Oh no, not another deck of playing cards where the jacks, queens and kings are werewolves in the Old West of an alternative reality to our own!" But here it is, and a wonderfully conceived deck it is, too.

And here is a different collection that includes a deck designed by Erte for Sobranie of London.
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I remember italian playing cards from when I was a child, playing with a friend who was half italian - it was a forty card deck I think; the suits were swords, cups, clubs, and ? oh, coins, I think... clubs were like the wooden weapon, like a bat, not our funny little clover thingy.

There's an italian restaurant in my 'hood called "three of cups" which i've always assumed was named for the card.
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well, should've known spain & italy would have pretty much the same set up. shouldn't comment before clicking... it was just the memory was so strong I couldn't help myself... :)
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oo, nostalgy! i have played with that finnish deck ages ago! mind you, they're all local celebrities from the 15'th d 16'th century on those cards....
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