"The Jonestown Reenactment
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"The Jonestown Reenactment is an inclusive art project, actively seeking involvement and participation from like minded individuals."

Sorta like the original Jonestown!
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My dumb joke notwithstanding, the site is actually pretty interesting — it features a whole bunch of documentation including a levelheaded look at Medical Procedures at Jonestown, a piece on daily life at the community, and an interesting article about theatricality, fiction and ritual that takes the People's Temple as its focus.

Plus: links and a chronology of other reenactment projects.

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In Reutlog blog today there is a reference to Viking reenactments! It is nice to get out in decent weather and play dressups. I prefer the casinos.
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The International Necronautical Society

The Necronauts optimistically declare "That death is a type of space, which we intend to map, enter, colonise and, eventually, inhabit."

Their long term plan includes the construction of "a craft that will convey us into death in such a way that we may, if not live, then at least persist. With famine, war, disease and asteroid impact threatening to greatly speed up the universal passage towards oblivion, mankind's sole chance of survival lies in its ability, as yet unsynthesised, to die in new, imaginative ways."

Tapping into death in all it's manifestations - on the radio, the internet, florists and butchers fridges The INS is committed to a multivalent approach to termination.

ROFL! The Necronauts' site is down. Hopefully, they found what they were looking for. Come to think of it, when do these guys get a reenactment?
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Whew... false alarm, the site's back up.
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Nah, if this were done in the US it would have to involve a big Mr. Kool-Aid character busting through the jonestown wall...
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