Kid Rock starves to death-- Napster to blame.
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Kid Rock starves to death-- Napster to blame. Now I understand why Metallica is so angry.
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"Just imagine if the oil-change industry allowed the public to have direct access to oil and oil filters, enabling them to change their car's oil themselves without going through Jiffy Lube or Kwik Lube. People would stop going to oil-change shops, and the entire industry would collapse. We can't let that happen to us."
Yeah. Imagine.
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Hey! i posted a reply with that link yesterday to this link! Take that back!
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"Eating good...Napster Bad!" - James Hetfield
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Beer good...Napster bad! - James Hetfield...kill Metallica :o)
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The best quote is at the end:

"James Hetfield, the lone surviving member of Metallica, told reporters during a press conference at Hollywood's Grace Church Homeless Shelter...'My God, people, didn't we learn the lesson of Elton John?'"

"John, the British rock star who went bankrupt in 1976 before private ownership of music-pirating cassette decks was made illegal, died of exposure on a Welsh moor that year after creditors repossessed his clothing. "


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Leave it to the Onion to slide the shiv in the rest of the way. Anyone for faxing copies of this to every artist in the business?
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I know someone in high level managment at Atlantic NY - I sent it along - no reply yet ;-)
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