Everyone knows Chank,
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Everyone knows Chank, but there are literally thousands of indie font producers out there, many of whom offer amazing fonts for free. Any MeFi denizens care to share their favorites? The more obscure the better, but I'll start with a relatively well known house of Test Pilot Collective.
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Try Font 42. It's a one-man site with fonts like "Carson Daly is Evil," "Janet Reno Lapdance," "Britney in a Blender" and "Sam Brown is My Hero."
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Larabie Fonts has a whole mess of fonts - lots of freeware and shareware.
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I lost the best font site I ever saw, along the lines of Chris Ware's retro-print stylings, and I couldn't find it again! I remember it was brown, with woodcut ornaments for forward & back, with many pages of old poster & ad typefaces. If anyone could help me retrieve it, well, I think I'd kiss them.
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Typearound has a nice bunch of fun fonts, all freeware. I especially like the site because it's the brainchild of Stephen Deken of Diary-X fame.
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Great post! I love the fonts at ChannelZero. They've only got about 20 fonts, but I've used them all at one time or another.
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fontomas. They put up one free font a week. It's only available until the next font is up. They'll email you when there's a new font, and they are going to publish a CD with all their fonts later this year.
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i like nofont. not only does andreas have cool fonts, he experiments with text in ways that amaze me. plus, he's very personable. he offered me all of his fonts as they became available via email written directly to me. i'm a sucker for a nice person on the web.
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Are there any great, undiscovered display and print fonts?

Is there something cool for the default in Word or the Variable and Fixed-width setting in IE or Netscape?
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Lots of font links in today's Gleanings.
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ok i got a few.

gl:tch freeware fonts

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I've always liked Divide by Zero fonts, disturbed.com, and Toxic Type by Dobi.
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WOW. that gl:tch freeware fonts site is awesome. It lets you type in any sample text and generates an example of the fonts with that text. Very cool.
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I've been known to make my own fonts. Are there any other amateur fontographers (alphabetician, whatever) on MeFi?
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I made a lil' truetype font a couple years ago. It's not very good, but hey. It was fun.
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Not really obscure, but I've always liked fontalicious.
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iceberg, Jo makes fonts on her site.
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Hey sonofsamiam - there are umlauts on the n! :) You are right; it is fun! I always find the lowercase s to be the most enjoyable to draw. Well, that, and the lowercase i and the lowercase k. I keep waiting and waiting for the world to adopt CSS-2, so that I can use my fonts on my weblog.

(Here are the fonts that I've made available publicly: karlfont and Neuromuscular Junction. Like 'em or not, they're free.)
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Thanks, Matt.
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Of course, Jo's page lead to the Lego Font Creator. Yay!
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dincTYPE has long been a favorite and not only because they've sent me tons of free junk. The site's down for remodeling at the moment, but they link to their equally sexy side projects and should be back soon.
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Iceberg- like sonofsamiam, I've made a few fonts (evil self-link here). It really helped me appreciate how difficult it is to make a good font. God bless those folks who do it for free!
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Hi guys, another cool font page you gotta visit is www.pizzadude.dk - This "dude" has got (I think) about 200 fonts! And a great way of showing them!
- Johnny
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Circuitously through Textism, see Typoasis.
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Uhm...It was my intention that it should've been a clickable link. Sorry, see if this helps: www.pizzadude.dk
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i'm represented by thirstype and in europe.

but the coolest stuff around is at
fontalicious. that guy cranks out the best candypop fonts you've ever seen. well-crafted stuff produced in record quantities (considering it's a single person).
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woop. there's supposed to be a fontshop germany link in there to make that sentence make sense. my bad.
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ooo, and i totally forgot about eyesaw. this guy's amazing.

(that was me making penance for an accidental doublepost)
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ShyFonts makes several very cool fonts that I use often. The bad news is that they've apparently closed up shop... (you can still download all of their great fonts, though.)

The good news is that it looks like the brains (?) behind ShyFonts has moved on to Apostrophic Laboratories, another font foundry.
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04 has some nice bitmap-style fonts, if you like that sort of thing.
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I like Bureau Destruct, makers of Plakatbau from Radiohead Kid A.
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Closefonts has a freebie or two.
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Don't forget the venerable fonthead designs, home of RedFive (hint: it was released at roughly the same time The Phantom Menace came out), Holstein, GoodDog, and other freefont classics.
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i'm not sure what sort of reaction this will garner, but i'm gonna talk more about nofont, just 'cause i like it so much.

nofont does neat-o graffiti-like fonts. however, nofont also goes beyond a typical font and creates fonts like this, recording a character set in different tones of voice, then creating a font out of it. other 'experiments' include a font for when you read on your side (you know, can't read opposite page), architecture in typeography (and the possibilities of the reverse), and more!

man, i dont know. i just think this is way cool. oh, and the site design is grand.
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Do any of you font experts have any idea what the font used on the cover of The Smasing Pumpkins Machina 2 is (as seen here)? And where I might be able to download it? Or something like it?
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Hi, greensweater...

Could you be thinking of the fonts of the amazing Pat Broderick of Rotodesign/Modern Humorist fame?

...or perhaps the luverly type stylings of the font diner?

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A suggestion for all those font lovers out there, a blog on typography! Lines & Splines.
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