July 27, 2001
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"Paul Morgan is a man who desperately wants to lead a normal life again. When the accident first happened, the technology was not available for that to happen. While the technology is now available for Paul to lead a better life, the financial burden would be much more than he could afford. That is why Paul has come up with the idea to chop off his feet live on the internet". This is the first time reading a web page has actually made me nauseous.
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This was spotted as a meme of the moment at blogdex! (*)
posted by rschram at 12:33 PM on July 27, 2001

Today, we had one ebay auction of naming rights for an unborn child, which is probably a hoax/"art project" (And in other news: "the American consumer populace, long decried by members of the artistic and academic avant-garde as 'TV Guide swilling philistines,' was shocked out of its complacency and stupidity Monday by Bay Area performance artist Ivan Hubiak."). We had that girl who confessed to the killings of 50 people, lacking any corroborating evidence, and now this. I also got an email this morning, sent to my whole office, about the old "HIV-needles-in-the-gas-pumps" thing. What the hell? Where are my funny flash animations? My questionable uses of typography? My poorly-reported, politically-incendiary news blurbs? Isn't this the web? Isn't this metafilter?
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This guy was actually on Howard Stern this morning. Uh, not that I listen to that kind of trash. No, really, I don't.
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I cried because I had no shoes. And then I met the man who had no feet... Because he cut them off, live on the internet.

And then I laughed...
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" Where are my funny flash animations?"

My office got a kitten picture. Maybe you're working in the wrong place.

I worry about the web's ability to feed and reenforce our voyeuristic tendencies. With millions of sickos looking for gross stuff, and millions of dorks seeking attention, it just seems like a million "bad things" waiting to happen.

And once people start paying to see gross shit........ [shakes head]
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umm.. yeah, i'm with skwm with that one.... ha, did anyone catch it a little earlier when he talked to chandra levi (sp?)? umm... just wondering, because... umm.. i didn't... yeah, that's it.
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He's extended the date of the live amputation to October 31 in hopes that he can get more donations for the new prosthetics he'll need after the blade falls.
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