February 12, 2008

Shiny scooters.

Retro-future scooters. You can't buy them but you can try to make one. [more inside]
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Jumpin' Jezzballs

Jezzball! Competition Jezzball for the Internet.
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Pixish Tantamount to Spec Work?

Prominent blogger Derek Powazek, who left his JPG project under prickly conditions, started a new project called Pixish. Pixish allows users to create open calls for submissions from designers, photographers and other artists who then offer up their work for comparison. Voting on the work reveals a winner, who then receives a prize outlined in the initial post. Following a post by Adam Howell that claims Pixish is nothing more than a 2.0 portal for spec work, a debate has emerged online as to whether Powazek's latest foray is a formula for ill-will amongst the design community.
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Rose Azure, meet Celestino Pink.

Girls are pink, boys are blue. Always have been, always will be. (Or not?) (via)
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Baltimore Cop V.S. the Skateboarder: Farva Looses his Cool

Baltimore Police Officer V.S. the Skateboarder. (video) Officer, Salvatore "Farva" Rivieri, has been suspended and is the subject of an internal affairs investigation. "Hey, let's pop some Viagras and issue tickets with raging, mega-huge boners." Now gimme a litre o' cola!
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The Best Sandwiches in America

The Best Sandwiches in America Esquire magazine lists the very best examples of many very delicious sandwiches nationwide.
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Coney Island Playground

Godspeed You! Black Emperor officially calls it quits, citing the Iraq war as a primary catalyst. "The last American tour that Godspeed did was in the run up to the current war in Iraq. For what Godspeed did, it was very difficult for us to work out a way for us to communicate directly with the audience about what was going on." Umm...yeah. So who's to fill their giant post-rock shoes? Well, most of the members have moved on to other projects, most notably Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band (among others). That's not to mention the slew of next generation bands that have culled GY!BE as a primary influence to get your fix: Sparrows Swarm and Sing, Sweek, The Seven Mile Journey, or johnnytwentythree, just to name a few.
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Like love from a lab: Science Valentines

Haven't gotten your sweetie a Valentine's day card yet? Don't sweat it, here are some cards POWERED BY SCIENCE! (via Neatorama)
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Hong Kong fooey

Hong Kong sex scandal. Edison Chen's cache of private photos may be the biggest Asian sex scandal ever. Starting roughly on Feb. 5, developing, developing. Some pix NSFW but pixelated, and you'll have to google if you want the real images.
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Pop Psychology: Type A / Type B Personalities

Are you a Type A personality or Type B personality? There are lots of tests online to find out. Type A and B personality descriptions always remind me of the supposed left brain / right brain differences, but according to the Wiki, the differences between right and left brain are not so simple.
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God messes with the Jesus

Lightning strikes world's largest Jesus. Masonry + nature + photography = awesome.
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Illegal downloaders 'face UK ban'

British internet users face ban for illegal downloads. A draft copy of a Green Paper produced by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport was leaked to The Times newspaper which detailed how the government was considering introducing legislation that would require ISPs to take action against users who access pirated material. [more inside]
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How about, like, playing a Hoover on my ding dong here

The awesomeness of 70s porn dialogue and non-sex scenes. All YouTube links, all more or less NSFW. Bat Pussy rides to the recue on a Hoppity Hop. The Swedes do their version of an animated Snow White. "Can I see your thing now?" More Swedish goodness. "What kind of deals did you have in mind?" And a young Ron Jeremy tries his moves on Seka.
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Oscar winning shorts

Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase and 45 more Oscar winning animations.
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Senate Votes for Retroactive immunity

Senate votes for retroactive telecom immunity 67 senators voted against the Dodd/Feingold amendment to strip telecom immunity from the Protect America Act. It still needs to be pass the house. [more inside]
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Hamster dance 'll cost you more than 5 cents

Hamster Market Bubble in China. Hamsters have become the must-have pet in China since the Year of the Rat began on 7 February. Hamster demand has tripled in recent weeks and some enterprising individuals might be buying them with the sole intention of holding them for a short period before flipping them for a profit. For my own part, I'm working with HSBC in trying to launch a market in hamster-backed short term notes.
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'It Speaks for Itself'

British Movietone News - Digital Archives :: Apparently complete archives of the UK Movietone Newsreels from 1929 - 1979. Free registration required. Uses Quicktime. Beware of many lost hours ahead. Via DaddyTypes
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Umm, sorry about the genocide

A Nation Apologizes. (Sydney Morning Herald.) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generations of Aboriginal children. Here the history told from an Aboriginal perspective in Archie Roach's great song "Took The Children Away." (Youtube) (song lyrics).
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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has a blog. This is an "official" blog covering issues of privacy issues and legislation in Canada.
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Sorry, There Was a Flameout on Metafilter

Though recent research indicates we learn to lie at a young age, and lie more often as we grow older, apparently we aren't so great at coming up with excuses for missing work. One site, designed to help with this problem, offers "proof" that you needed time off. Phoney Excuses claims that over a quarter of a million people have visited their site. The site warns its forms are intended "for entertainment purposes only." (Warning: NSFW-- last link is obnoxiously loud).
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Ever Thine

Sailors' Valentines were, according to maritime myth, made by lonesome sailors at at sea in the early to mid 19th century. However, research revealed they were made by residents of Barbados and sold to sailors. These pieces, often in octagonal wooden boxes, are stunning examples of shellwork. [more inside]
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Keep it under your Stetson.

Free Speech Doesn't Mean Careless Talk! World War II posters from the US Merchant Marine at War. More posters (Rivets are Bayonets, Drive them Home). There's lots of other cool stuff, like this brief history of privateers during the Revolutionary War.
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First World War Draft Cards

Famous, infamous, and interesting World War I draft cards, including The Bambino, Groucho, Moe, Satchmo, Scarface, and Sergeant York. [more inside]
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"When the world's great scientific thinkers change their minds"

"When the world's great scientific thinkers change their minds". Some Big Name thinkers (Dyson, Pinker, Venter, ...) change their minds on some Big Ideas (race, evolution, global warming,..) and explain why in about a paragraph each. Via Edge.
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Six Guantanamo prisoners charged.

Several prisoners held at Guantanamo are charged, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. According to this soundbite, after their time in military court, they'll be able to appeal the decision in civilian court.
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Just put down your camera. Game over.

Breathtaking photos. No further links necessary. Rarindra Prakarsa is a photographic amazement.
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"I believe that before anything art should bring happiness to the viewer." ~ Adib Fattal, Syrian Painter who infuses his work with bright colours (Titanic), optimistic scenes of places he remembers as a child (Jenin, Palestine), and wild life (Return of the Birds). More of his work here. [via]
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