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British Movietone News - Digital Archives :: Apparently complete archives of the UK Movietone Newsreels from 1929 - 1979. Free registration required. Uses Quicktime. Beware of many lost hours ahead. Via DaddyTypes
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AWESOME. Thank you!
posted by chihiro at 9:05 AM on February 12, 2008

ZOMG. I am about to leave the 21st century behind for the forseeable future. Leave it ahead. Whatever.
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Hmmm. It won't let me identify my country of origin unless I log in. It won't let me see the Terms and Conditions of logging in until I log in. Other than that, it doesn't seem to actively sandbox non-Microsoft browsers, so it's mostly OK.

I hate having to jump through hoops like this just to see neat things.
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Daddytypes credits MeFi's own waxpancake, who's been blogging up a storm lately.
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Wow. Just in time for my new projector and smartboard! <3
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1780 cult movies online. 50 years of UK newsreels. Stop it metafilter, I have work to do.
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This is good.
If you'd like to screencapture the video/audio, try Jing Project which is a spiffy unobtrusive free app for Windows or Mac. Capture (and share in multiple ways) still images (as PNGs) or video (as SWF). I love it.
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I looked at it for 5 seconds and closed the tab. (I will, in fact, blow the whole day looking at that stuff.)
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Thanks, anastasiav!
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Brilliant! Now if only it were unwatermarked and high def.
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Well I was like WOw COR blimey amazing yeah! then I looked at the search function and i couldnt think of anything to search for. I mean, what, football? jazz? what did people do in the 1940s apart from go on long wars?

i think i'll go and get some sleep
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Their rivals Pathé have a similar archive here.

It's a bit of rigmarole actually getting to watch anything - you have to register an account and then "buy" the low-res .WMV for the princely sum of nought pounds, nought pence, but then it downloads nicely enough.

And then there's always News on the March!
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You know, sometimes it's easy to forget, what with 2 girls 1 cup, MySpace, jackholes filming themselves yammering about nothing and filling YouTube with the results, Free Republic and Little Green Footballs, etc. etc. etc., that the Internet really is pretty awesome. Thanks for reminding me. It would be great if this wonderful resource was used for more stuff like this and less vacuous idiocy.
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"Hitler" makes a pretty interesting search term. </obvious>
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I don't even dare go in there.

Well, maybe just a little bit

(Six hours pass....)
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