April 2, 2004

Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer Looks incredibly cool, but why isn't it playing in Seattle yet? And when is it coming here? I want my shaolin soccer!!!! ;-)
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James Stewart

Suzuki buys a MX title and Michael Jordans prodigy, James Stewart, is going to do to Supercross, what Tiger did for golf.
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Let's Make Enemies

Let's Make Enemies...The CPA has also confirmed that after June 30, the $18.4 billion the US government is spending on reconstruction will be administered by the US Embassy in Iraq. The money will be spent over five years and will fundamentally redesign Iraq's most basic infrastructure, including its electricity, water, oil and communications sectors, as well as its courts and police. Iraq's future governments will have no say in the construction of these core sectors of Iraqi society. Retired Rear Adm. David Nash, who heads the Project Management Office, which administers the funds, describes the $18.4 billion as "a gift from the American people to the people of Iraq." He appears to have forgotten the part about gifts being something you actually give up. And in the same eventful week, US engineers began construction on fourteen "enduring bases" in Iraq, capable of housing the 110,000 soldiers who will be posted here for at least two more years. Even though the bases are being built with no mandate from an Iraqi government, Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, deputy chief of operations in Iraq, called them "a blueprint for how we could operate in the Middle East." ...
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Fire exit, my ass.

SandwichGirl is (was?) a "dining attendant" at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica. She also keeps an intermittent journal, and takes pictures. Fun, wacky stuff.
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Luther Blissett: taking revenge on stupidity

Amid rumors of a ritual suicide, it seems Luther Blissett has gone back underground, but out of the shadows Wu Ming emerges! Best of all, Q is available among several free downloads under Omnia Sunt Communia.
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A possible murder suspect's google-trail?

A possible murder suspect's google-trail of dark and bloody tales?

A contributing writer for 'Deviant Minds' webzine (scroll down a few clicks to Donn Gash) may be linked to the gruesome murder of his father. His mother has already been charged.
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Animal Love - All together now... Awwwweeeee

Tragic Animal Love Stories - Simple drawings with sweet messages. via
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old dog ... new tricks department

How to Lace and Tie Your Shoes
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Stick Figure Fight Club

Stick Figure Fight Club. For those wondering where the inspiration for yesterday's Homestar Runner cartoon came from, now you know. (Flash, sound)
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Muckle bonnie wirds

Dictionary of the Scots Language. The two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language, the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and the Scottish National Dictionary (SND), have been combined into one searchable online edition:
Thus, information on the earliest uses of Scots words can be presented alongside examples of the later development and, in some cases, current usage of the same words. In this way, we hope that the DSL will allow users to appreciate the continuity and historical development of the Scots language. By making the DSL freely available on the Internet, we also aim to widen access to the source dictionaries and to open up these rich lexicographic resources to anyone with an interest in Scots language and culture.
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Downloaders Pay Back Wilco

Downloaders Pay Back Wilco Just-launched Justafan.org allows fans who downloaded copies of the new Wilco album to donate to the band-selected charity Doctors Without Borders. In less than a day online, with nothing more than word-of-mouth publicity, donations exceeded $1,500.
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Classic Films

Classic Films.
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Tigger arrested on molestation charges

Tigger arrested on molestation charges. Why couldn't it have been Eeyore? or Piglet?
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How Stupid can you Be?

Note to Self: What NOT to do when trying to fake your own kidnapping.....
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Good news for 308,000 American citizens and one President.

U.S. job growth strongest in 4 years in March. Non-farm payrolls climbed 308,000 in March, the Labor Department said, the biggest gain since April 2000. However, the unemployment rate actually ticked upward from 5.6%, the two-year low seen in January and February, to 5.7% in March. Note in passing that this took place during the Bush administration!
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After Life, Jonathan Clark

After Life -- Streatham Cemetary
The Four Seasons by Jonathan Clark
Photos with Flash: roll your cursor over the picture or you may miss a surprise.
My fave: the wonderfully creepy 1st Autumn photo.
-via (the currently Survivor-obsessed) Magnolia Glen.
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US to fingerprint 'allied' visitors

I feel safer already! A US requirement for foreign visitors to be fingerprinted and photographed is being expanded to include citizens from America's closest allies, starting September 30th.
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Space Probe Livejournals

Mars Rover Blog, move over: SpiritRover and OpportunityGrrl are on Livejournal, along with Pathfinder(ess), Voyager 1, Cassini, GOES, FUSE, Hubble, and the Planet Mars Himself. (Educational. Sort of. And very LJ. Very, very LJ.)
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My mother. With a gun. In the billiard room.

Eblots: Cut Rate Internet Therapy

Zo, vhat does dis remind you ov? (via Pop Culture Junk Mail)
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No question about it.

Sports clichés. Related: political clichés.
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"And half of the them are Jewish"

The magazine Adbusters has published a list of "the 50 most influential neocons in the US," and, writes editor Kalle Lasn, "half of the them are Jewish." Lasn identifies the Jews on the list with a dot. At least I think they're dots; maybe they're very small yellow stars.
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Simpsons stars strike for more 'D'oh!'

Simpson stars strike for more 'D'oh!' The voices of the Simpsons are on strike for $360,000 an episode. Seems almost reasonable for such a pop culture phenomenon, but the voiceover work equates to one work day per episode.
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Go Postal

Portable Zip Codes "Every year millions of Americans are on the go: People who must relocate for work or other reasons. Those people may have been quite attached to their original homes or an adopted town or city of residence. For them this innovative measure will serve as an umbilical cord to the place they love best."
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Virtuoso Super Mario

Virtuoso guitar performance of the Super Mario theme song. With sound effects too!
(3.5 mb Windows Media video)
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Microsoft - Sun Collaboration

Who Would Have Thought? Sun and Microsoft just announced an historic 10 year collaboration agreement (an announcement that ended with Scott McNealy and Steve Ballmer actually shaking hands). What do you think? Ultimately beneficial ... or not?
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High suicide rate for young women in South India

The highest suicide rate in the world has been reported among young women in South India by a new study. The research is of major importance, according to the World Health Organization, as it brings to light Asia's suicide problem. "I was surprised to find the rates were so staggeringly high," says paediatrician Anuradha Bose. “I wonder if it's just another manifestation of the gender bias." Stress factors… affect Indian women in particular, such as issues of marriage and dowry. How can the WHO address this unacceptable situation for young women in South India and elsewhere? The article notes that studies are under way in other countries where young women are under great social pressures, and more suicide prone, including China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam (and there are many others where this should be researched).
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