April 11, 2009


Last night Joss Whedon received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism at Harvard, taking the opportunity to talk about religion and education (somewhat rough video), as well as taking questions about Dollhouse, his probably-soon-to-be-cancelled not-all-to-be-shown show. I wonder how these guys are doing.
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The World of 100

The World of 100 -- 20 Posters by Toby Ng (via Daily Dish and Made in England) [more inside]
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"Boys Build Houses. Girls Keep Houses. Boys Invent Things. Girls Use What they Invent. Boys Can Eat. Girls Can Cook."

A snapshot from a sexist 1970's children's book for your perusal. Many have seen this and insisted it must be a hoax. But is it? Sociological Images says not so fast.
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... all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by

Around Cape Horn - if you've ever wished for an authentic glimpse into the bygone era of the majestic age of sailing, this is it - a rare 1929 true adventure film about sailing a four-masted commercial barque around the Cape Horn during a huge gale. It was shot with a hand-cranked camera by Captain Irving Johnson who offers a spirited narration. 36 minutes, B&W
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Disability and Employment in Argentina

Disability and Employment in Argentina: The Right to Be Exploited?
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The art of Garnet Hertz

Play the life simulator. [more inside]
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Thinking Outside the Idiot Box

Gallery 1988 (previously on MetaFilter) presents Television reconsidered, deconstructed, reconstructed, reimagined and just had too much fun with, the usual subjects and a few surprises and much much more (after a word from our sponsor) in "Idiot Box". (Everything with titles & credits at that last link) (via)
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@THE_REAL_SHAQ This Pepsi is delicious

Magpie wants to roost in your twitter feed. (via Jon Lebkowsky , who has an opinion)
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if only college were more like the movies

20 movies which make you wish you'd gone to college from UK flim critic Jo Berry. [more inside]
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Last Man Standing by Tyler Cowen

"Americans talk about institutions that are 'too big to fail.' In parts of Europe, it's more apt to speak of those 'too big to be saved.'" Last Man Standing by Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution fame.
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1/40 scale Yamato in Lego

1/40 scale IJN Yamato in Lego. [more inside]
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Okay, everybody takes a drink whenever Isabella Rosselini says the word "penis"...

Sundance and Isabella Rosselini present season two of Green Porno. Most definitely NSFW. Previously.
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Planet Of The Dead

On the subject of returning British television classics.. Doctor Who returns tonight for the first of four specials to be aired this year in lieu of a proper series. British MeFites watch David Tenant run through the sand as I type this while others wait anxiously for other means of viewership to become available. [more inside]
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Relax in the carefree atmosphere of old English charm...

In 2000, the British Film Institute voted Fawlty Towers number 1 on its list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes. Perhaps an even greater tribute, numerous real-life lodgings have named themselves after it. Next month, Connie Booth - now a practicing psychotherapist in London - will break a 30 year silence about the show for a televised special. [more inside]
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It's Commencement Season; Controversy Ensues

To Degree or Not to Degree? President Obama will get an honorary degree from Notre Dame but not Arizona State University during commencement ceremonies this year. ASU finds the first black American president's "body of work" insufficient. The East Valley Tribune disagrees. And some enterprising ASU students have found a way to profit from Obama's appearance at their commencement. [more inside]
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Zombie Sushi Bar: A clip from the 1998 Hong Kong Horror-Comedy classic "Bio Zombie" (Sun faa Sau si) shows our intrepid heroine trying to blend in at a Undead Sushi Bar with delightfully disgusting results. NSFS (Not Safe For Squeamish) [more inside]
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This post is very stylish.

For the last 50 years, grammar and style have been learned from The Elements of Style. That's not necessarily a good thing.
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Life on the Block

A native of Barcelona, Spain, Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu moved to New York in 2002 to pursue a career in photography. Adriana has been capturing the lives of young Puerto Rican women and their families in Spanish Harlem, NYC. There is a hardness that characterizes Life on the Block. [more inside]
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The space slobs are back!

The classic British comedy sf series Red Dwarf returns for three episodes. [more inside]
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Take The Credit

Hang this in your time machine.
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Township got soul

Motownship, the combination of Cape Town township music, traditional African instruments and motown tunes, is the topic of this Radio 4 documentary. While purists - both of the African music and motown persuasion - may think this is just a gimmick, it is hard not to have a smile on your face when you listen to the tunes on Abavuki's album Africa Got Soul. What is even more amazing is the background of these musicians - kids who grew up in one of the most deprived townships in South Africa, Langa. To check out the band for yourself, see them playing at the legendary Mama Africa club, via youtube (this is not a motown tune from the album).
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