June 18, 2000

Lex Luthor for President

Lex Luthor for President.
That's all I have to say.
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Does Gareth Branwyn's / WIRED's Jargon Watch

Does Gareth Branwyn's / WIRED's Jargon Watch ever acknowledge its debt to Eric Raymond's Jargon File? I mean, the File's revision history states clearly that it began in 1975-- considerably before WIRED came to the trough --so isn't this Jargon Watch book just a rip-off of the print verison of the Jargon File, The New Hacker's Dictionary?
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Coinstar seems like a good idea, however, in the FAQ, they don't give the exact amount of the service charge. How odd.
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Another new console

Another new console is set to hit the market. That makes PS2, Dolphin, XBox, and now, the INDREMA! Personally, I think this is a bit too modern for current gamer tastes, but the fact that it runs LINUX makes me think they're going for something else. It saddens me to see all the next-gen consoles turning into computers, because nothing beats holding a controller in your hand. *gets misty-eyed*
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furnish thy pad.

furnish thy pad. pure design sells some of the best work from the new generation of designers...including douglas coupland (yes, *that* douglas coupland), karim rashad, and nick dine. and they sell it online. superbonus!
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Weekend box-office shakedown: "[Shaft] skewed younger and male, said Wayne Lewellen, president of distribution at Paramount Pictures, which released the film in 2,337 theaters. It was 'certainly very strong' with black audiences, but also pulled in solid receipts from Canada, he added." I guess "Canada" signifies white people? What a fatuous thought process.
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I get so much phone spam that I leave my ringer off all the time.

I get so much phone spam that I leave my ringer off all the time.
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I hope this isn't true.

I hope this isn't true. Apparently (at least according to this article) Norma McCorvey is in with the Christian Identity folks. You know, these guys. Wow, times do change, don't they?
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Almost no animals were harmed during the making of this commercial. This is really gonna have those animal-rights wonks hacked off!
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I love "The Apartment."

I love "The Apartment." It's one of my favorite films of all time. But whenever I've rented it and showed it to friends, they've dismissed it as a fun/sentimental comedy. I think it's got infinitely more depth than that, though it can be seen as a simple love story. Finally, someone else shares my love of this American Masterpiece.
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Windows users rejoice!

Windows users rejoice! Finally, a program for Windows 9x that does the same as Kalidoscope... and it works well.
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Napster retains (ahem) counsel. The right move I think. Along with the DeCSS case, this may be setting the precedent for what "intellectual property" and "public domain" mean in the 21st century. Hopefully, things will turn out better than in Sterling's "Distraction". Either way, things will never be the same.
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