January 22, 2002

The September 11 Dream Project.

The September 11 Dream Project. Subconscious reactions from around the world in the aftermath of the attacks, courtesy of Hungry Ghost.
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Neil Bush is in Saudi Arabia

Neil Bush is in Saudi Arabia "The US media campaign against the interests of Arabs and Muslims and the American public opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be influenced through a sustained lobbying and PR effort," Bush, chairman and chief executive officer of Ignite! Inc., said in his keynote address on the concluding day of the three-day Jeddah Economic Forum at Hilton Hotel here. Does this seem appropriate? Are'nt the Saudis' cranking out terrorists at a pretty good clip?
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Are you using VX2?

Are you using VX2? If you are, you probably don't realise it. It's a piece of spyware hidden with Audiogalaxy that "collects some information from online forms that you fill out". Time to update the Adaware reference file again.
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Jennifer Connelly Happy With Nude Scenes

Jennifer Connelly Happy With Nude Scenes Hey, if she's happy, I'm happier. Actually, this is the happiest headline I have seen in a while.
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AOL's Netscape sues Microsoft

AOL's Netscape sues Microsoft for damage done to its Netscape Internet browser by violations of antitrust law found in a separate government case against the software giant. "I don't see this case as primarily about money. I see it as primarily about injunctive relief,'' said Steve Salop, a Georgetown University law professor.
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What is your medieval vocational personality?

What is your medieval vocational personality? CMI's "Kingdomality" Personal Preference Profile is a fun way to gain a broader understanding of the basic complementary personality styles and types that help determine each individual's vocational interests. Mine was benevolent ruler.... just as I thought.
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A procedure known as haploidisation

A procedure known as haploidisation could allow lesbian couples to have a baby that shares both their genes. The procedure may be available in 18 months' time. Sperm? We don't need no stinking sperm!
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Headlines You'd Never have seen b4 9-11

Headlines You'd Never have seen b4 9-11
Owner of world's largest U.S. flag dies at 72
Thomas Demski, who owned the world's largest American flag, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, has died. He was 72.
This is what passes for news.
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OJ's girlfriend is missing

OJ's girlfriend is missing And her cat is found dead. Thank God OJ's ok. kudos, ken
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The Great Improbable Trinity.

The Great Improbable Trinity. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and......Chelsea Clinton? (Click here for picture).
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Getting to know the Hitlers

Getting to know the Hitlers David Gardner, a UK journalist, travelled to the US to chase up the family of Adolf Hitler's "loathsome nephew", William Patrick Hitler, who found himself fighting in the US Navy during WWII. Interesting enough, his four sons made a pledge to not have children, to ensure the end of the Hitler bloodline.
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Inventor Claims Zero Point Energy Source

Inventor Claims Zero Point Energy Source Calling his invention a "Jasker", an Irish Electrical Engineer (who is keeping his identity a secret), claims to have a working prototype of a machine that is capable of replenishing its own energy source. We've heard this sort of thing before, and there are hundreds of other "inventors" making the same sorts of claims, but could this one be for real? And how does this fit in with the First Law of Thermodynamics?
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FBI investigating Enron shredding

FBI investigating Enron shredding Some recent postings of commentary seem to feel that Enron wea merely the fault of public not paying attention to stock pics, or the failure of a company that is a risk of the open market....why, then, the FBI being called to find out why key documents destroyed? And whn does it become time for a special prosecutor? This is much bigger than Whitewater. Example: some 1.3 billion lost in pension money for firemen, police and teachers
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Crime in the Suites.

Crime in the Suites. William Greider claims that the Enron collapse demonstrates the failure of market orthodoxy.
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Somalis cheer at bootleg "Blackhawk down" screening

Somalis cheer at bootleg "Blackhawk down" screening Somali citizens paid the equivalent of US $.10 to see a bootleg copy of the movie in a playground in downtown Mogadishu on Monday. The audience cheered at scenes where American troops were killed and American choppers were shot down. Somalia may be the next target in the 'War on Terrorism'. "As you can see, Somalis are brave fighters," one man said. "If the Americans come back to fight us, we shall defeat them again."
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Yaho.com. Yahoo.com. Yahooo.com. Yahoooo.com. Yahooooo.com. (The last one, in my opinion, is the weirdest -- a casino dialog box and a referral to Amazon?)
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Mysterious Skeletons Washing Up in Micronesia

Mysterious Skeletons Washing Up in Micronesia
Five skeletons washed up in the FSM on Friday on rafts. Rafts have been inexplicably arriving since September, but this time the chief of police (1?) has been asked to assist the investigation.
    The identity card of one of the raft victims has lead the police to think that the victims were fleeing from either Maluku or Sulawesi, where the Laksar Jihad has been terrorizing Christians and other locals (1). Not only has the movement been stepping up violence since '98, it's been expanding too. An NGO in West Papua has been complaining that they are setting up shop as a pro-Jakarta paramilitary to fight against Papuan separatist groups (1). It's interesting to see how close these far-flung places are to one another (Map (~300k))---Close to the southern Philippines too.
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Lewis-Tyson Conference Disrupted by Mass Brawl

Lewis-Tyson Conference Disrupted by Mass Brawl Determined to turn this conference into a World Wrestling Federation spectacle, Tyson took a swing at Lewis and one of his handlers, pointed to his crotch while yelling at Lewis and screamed profanities at some of the boxing writers in attendance. Yes, Tyson BIT Lenox Lewis in the foot! Bert Sugar says Tyson was trying to get out of the fight since he is in the process of applying for a Nevada license which he had lost for biting Evander Hollyfield.
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Father of daughter killed in the 9/11 attack travels to kabul

Father of daughter killed in the 9/11 attack travels to kabul
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Whatever Next? Amazon Makes A Profit!

Whatever Next? Amazon Makes A Profit! Having lost $3 billion so far, Amazon Books has just posted its first-ever profit of $5 million. Perhaps it was thanks to the new machines they bought to replace more workers.(this last link req. NYT reg.) How would you spend it if you were Jeff Bezos? And what does it mean: has the tide turned or not?
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Real Big Fish.

Real Big Fish. "Bruce" is a goldfish the size of an average housecat. What did they feed it?
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Is That All There Is?

Is That All There Is? Goodbye Peggy Lee.
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The new Chemical Brothers video by Michel Gondry is absolutely brilliant. At first sight, it appears to be a 4 minute clip of a train ride. On closer inspection though, you might notice the objects flying past are far from random.....
Sorry dial up MeFites, you'll almost certainly need a fast connection to see why this video is so amazing.
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Indiana Jones and the Geriatric Star

Indiana Jones and the Geriatric Star Spielberg and Ford confirm it to Fox News -- Indy will don his fedora again after Spielberg's next project. The film has a title and a script (they're mum on both). Can Harrison Ford be a believable hero at his age? He looked winded in Air Force One a few years ago...
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The trouble with "orphan diseases":

The trouble with "orphan diseases": "most people with orphan diseases are treated only with horribly blunt instruments. The dearth of drug treatments for them is a reflection of basic economics. The profit-driven pharmaceutical industry has little incentive to pour research money into discoveries that will not return big dividends. Small patient populations hold out little potential reward." An orphan disease is a rare disorder that affects fewer than one in 20,000 people; there are apparently more than 6,000 of them.
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The Robots Are Coming (Yawwwn...)

The Robots Are Coming (Yawwwn...). Yet another corporate futurist (with a bizarre 1996 Mosaic-type website) telling us that A.I. will deliver the "homework" robot by 2006 (now, is that January or December?). Also, look out for an emotionally responsive Barbie:

"We already have technologies that can measure stress, using simple cues like skin condition and temperature and it will be easy to put these in Barbie dolls which will be able to talk to little girls when they are upset and ask what is wrong." Ech.
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Compulsory military training

Compulsory military training is not just for Switzerland and Israel anymore. The Universal Military Training and Service Act of 2001 seeks "To require the induction into the Armed Forces of young men registered under the Military Selective Service Act, and to authorize young women to volunteer, to receive basic military training and education for a period of up to one year." (more inside)
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