October 8, 2002

Long hair is cool. Shaving your head is cool too. You know what's cooler than either of those? Cutting off all your hair for Locks of Love. When you donate your hair to this non-profit, it will be made into wigs for children dealing with long term hair loss due to disease and burns that couldn't otherwise afford one. She's done it, they've done it, and so have all these people. It may be time to grow my hair out again.
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Lawyers Gone Wild...

Lawyers Gone Wild... Webpig, well known philistine webmaster of Internet Gossip has announced that he has been threatened with a lawsuit against his OTHER site camgirlsgonewild.com. Apparently he received a letter from the bloodsucking lawyers of girlsgonewild. They claim their company has a trademark on girlsgonewild, and only they are allowed to sell videos of drunk and stupid girls exploiting themselves unknowingly.
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Nevada prosecutor accuses pro-marijuana group of using drug cartels for funding.

Nevada prosecutor accuses pro-marijuana group of using drug cartels for funding. A prosecutor has suggested a drug cartel backs efforts to legalize possession of up to 3 ounces of marijuana in Nevada. But an advocate for the proposal says the statement is "an outright lie, slanderous and libelous." Billy Rogers, spokesman for Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement (backed by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), adds that Gary Booker, a chief deputy district attorney in Clark County, "ought to have his mouth washed out with soap."
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Jimmy Brelsin has been taking stabs at Catholic Church

Jimmy Brelsin has been taking stabs at Catholic Church over the last two days (the bishops are abusing money this time). As one of the last true beat reporters in NYC, if not the nation, he's been writing for underdogs for over 40 years. Fairly well too.
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"The story stated that the 'Nuestra Senora de Buena Esperanza,' the galleon on which the first Filipinos landed at Morro Bay, Calif., loosely translates to 'The Big Ass Spanish Boat.' It actually translates to 'Our Lady of Good Peace.'" A Washington State College newspaper proves why one should alway, always fact-check a story.
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First there was Haiku. Then came Christmas Haiku, Suburban Haiku, Gangster Haiku, Dog Haiku, and...Leprosy Haiku?
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The MBTA, Boston's transit system, launched a redesigned Web site today. Fairly unremarkable, if you ask me, except that every single page features a prominent "Bobby Approved logo, which is supposed to mean the site is fully accessible to the visually impaired. In fact, it isn't, which you'll find out if you run a Bobby report on the site.
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The New Yorker wonders whether the new Westin hotel at Times Square is the ugliest building in NYC. What do New Yorkers think? Is ugly architecture anything more than just poor business? What is the state of architecture in this country? (more)
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A Chemistry Archive.

A Chemistry Archive.
"Hello, chemist. Welcome to jail."
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Executive Chute. Sorry, middle managers, staff, administrative support. Why don't you, uh, go ahead and try that elevator again.
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St. Joseph's Feed Jesus Program

St. Joseph's Feed Jesus Program
A brief but stirring photojournal of the homeless, waiting.
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'I am who I am'

'I am who I am' A Florida man wanted to legally change his name to "God" but a judge denied his request. So he took a passage from the Bible where Moses asks God who he is and hears "I am who I am or I will be who I will be" I'm suprised that a government official would be protecting a religion-based request. Is there anything you shouldn't be allowed to change your name to?
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Want to make sure Mr. Orwell was just a novelist and not a prophet? Some people have been coming up with ways to reduce your exposure to surveillance cameras. Others just put on plays for those who monitor the cameras. My favorite: zapping them with laser pointers.
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"I Agree With Pat Metheny".

"I Agree With Pat Metheny". Well, I do, and so does Richard Thompson in this live MP3 on his Web site. Ever since Pat Metheny made these comments about Kenny G there has been a lot of commentary, but Richard Thompson has put it to a folk song showing his talent as a guitar player, songwriter and singer. (Real Audio link)
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"If you like surfing the web, it is probably because you believe people are basically good."

"If you like surfing the web, it is probably because you believe people are basically good." That's the Economist interpreting the results of a recent study by IBM researchers of how cultural characteristics apparently affect people's readiness to adopt new communications technologies.
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The Russian Avant-Garde Book is an online version of the MoMA exhibit, featuring 112 books originally published in Russia during the intensely creative period between 1910 and 1934, before Stalin outlawed any style but social realism. The site is separated into three chronological themes and includes examples of futurist works, constructivist graphic design, children's books, propaganda, photography and photomontage, revolutionary imagery, architecture and industry, war themes, folk art and judaica...
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Ever visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Ever visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame? I haven't...I live in Florida. In honor of football season, however, check it out online. It has some pretty neat features, like how football teams got named, concise team histories, and a timeline of how American Football came about. Princeton vs. Rutgers in 1869 started it all....
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The Gospel According to Harry Potter.

The Gospel According to Harry Potter. Connie Neal thinks that she sees "glimmers of the Gospel" in the Harry Potter books. Not the most interesting attempt to counter the occult hysteria surrounding this book, but sure to stir up some hilarious controversy just the same.
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The Appalachian Trail is a continuous marked footpath that goes from Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mountain in Georgia, a distance of about 2160 miles. It passes through 14 states and takes about 5 to 7 months to hike through. Hey, if a blind man could do it, so can you. If you are not actually up for hiking right this moment, you could always...(more inside)
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The Commercial Closet.

The Commercial Closet. The world's largest collection of gay advertising.
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hope you weren't planning on getting work done this morning...

hope you weren't planning on getting work done this morning... because this timeline from the centre for cooperative research has the 9/11 leadup and aftermath including all the players laid out like a twister mat. and it's all referenced. the most damning information? CTRL-F for "prophetically".
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Enough Godwin:

Enough Godwin: Saddam Hussein is not Hitler, George Bush is not Churchill, Kofi Annan is not Chamberlain, Israel is not Nazi Germany, neither are those who criticise it. Has Matthew Engel been reading Metafilter?
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Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley shouted down

Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley shouted down for yelling "Fuck George Bush!" by an angry crowd at the Inland Punk Rock Festival in California (about halfway into the article.) At least according to a friend of some guy who writes for the Weekly Standard who took his teenage daughter to the concert and had no idea who the Buzzcocks were. Was anyone there? Did this really happen?
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