November 8, 2018

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Vipassana Live [more inside]
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Made in the South Awards 2018

OVERALL Winner: High Wire Distilling Co. Each item has a nice write-up about what makes the item worthy of the award. DRINKS runners-up: a rye whiskey from Kentucky; Blackberry Farm's Imperial Stout; Castle Hill Cider. FOOD winner: White Oaks Pastures Ibérico Pancetta. Runners-up: sweet cured jalapeños from Jed's Finest; magnolia vinegar from Lindera Farms; Blackberry Patsh's satsuma syrup OUTDOORS winner: Hollifield Bamboo Fly Rods. Runners-up: firepit from Deus Modern; landing nets by HeartWood Trade; axes from Richardson Axeworks. [more inside]
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Group Rube

What do you get when life gives you lemons? If you are Sprice Machines, Hevesh5, DrComplicated, DoodleChaos,TheInvention11, 5MadMovieMakers and SmileyPeaceFun, you get The Lemonade Machine
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Perfect intersection of patterns, logic, & math

I recently discovered Kenken puzzles. At the site you can select the grid size and level of difficulty. Borderline addictive, at least for me; YMMV. [more inside]
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Attention Chess Nerds!

You, yes, YOU! The World Chess Championship begins tomorrow, the 9th of November, pitting Norway's Magnus Carlsen against the U.S.'s (or Italy's) native son Fabiano Caruana. Like the last time, we're going to discuss it here. [more inside]
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Discovery and digitization of ancient Chinese library

Tutankhamun’s tomb, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Dunhuang Library, the 20th centuries greatest (re)discoveries. The first two are commonly known, and the third was opened in 1900 by Wang Yuanlu, an itinerant Taoist monk, appointed himself their caretaker of the Dunhuang or Mogao caves. Once found, news of the Dunhuang Library set off a manuscript race among the European powers. In the century since the Dunhuang Library was discovered, a whole academic discipline has sprung up around the materials it contained, with much of it undergoing digitization by libraries around the world. A Secret Library, Digitally Excavated (Jacob Mikanowski, New Yorker, 2013) [more inside]
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"Sit Back, Light Up a Camel, and Be an Eyewitness..."

Spend 15 minutes with original anchorman John Cameron Swayze as the Camel News Caravan (press release) brings you the news of the day for September 19, 1952. [more inside]
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Mario & Luigi visit Peach's Castle once again (SLYT)

An SFM-animation from NDY re-imagines the Mario Bros's classic struggle with Bowser over the Princess Peach using higher quality 3D models.
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The Best Player in the World of the Week

Since the beginning of last season, ESPN hockey writer Greg Wyshynski has been writing a weekly column called The Best Player in the World of the Week. Starting with 45-year-old former NHL defenseman Darius Kasparitis, who managed a goal and two assists for the Lithuanian national team, Wysh profiles great players from around the hockey world. Sometimes he picks NHL players, but more often the top spot goes to someone with a great story, like 16-year-old goalie Jason Williams, who managed to score a goal in the middle of the game; UK player Patrick Dwyer, who completed a hat trick when the puck got stuck in his pants; Canadian Women’s Hockey League goalie Noora Räty, who earned a shutout in the longest Clarkson Cup game in history; and 11-year-old Riley Scorgie, who scored 50 goals in 19 games after being treated for Guillain-Barre Syndrome (that week’s runner-up list includes a dad who nominated his eight-year-old daughter for getting through practice without crying). [more inside]
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Public-Interest Technology Resources

A new resource list curated by Bruce Schneier. As technology—especially computer, information, and Internet technology—permeates all aspects of our society, people who understand that technology need to be part of public-policy discussions. We need technologists who work in the public interest. We need public-interest technologists. From NGOs and academic departments to programs and fellowships, what resources are there out there for those aiming to work on technology with an eye towards the public interest?
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Alleged Defamation Law Shortcomings

Do Australia's strict defamation laws help protect high-profile abusers? "While the strict nature of Australia's defamation laws helps stop the media publishing material that is false and potentially damaging to an individual's reputation, it also creates a major barrier for victims of harassment or abuse at the hands of a high-profile individual, for instance, to coming forward." As #MeToo has continued across Australia, the question of defamation law is one that has risen again and again. While the law in theory serves to protect against media excess, it has also been leveraged frequently to quash criticisms and accusations, and many more never see the light of day because of it. [more inside]
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Roll for perception

In the RPG podcast "Film Reroll", folks take the plots of movies like Jurassic Park and Jumanji and roleplay through them. In the most recent installment, Paulo Quiros told players they were playing college students on a weekend trip to a lake house, rerolling an 80s sex comedy none of them had seen -- but it was actually Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter. Part 1 (1hr49min), Part 2 (1hr45min). (Via dinkywinks and northdakotaisamyth and thetransintransgenic on Tumblr.)
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Hatis Noit

Hatis Noit is a Japanese singer/vocal artist whose music is (almost) entirely composed of looped vocals and overdubs. [more inside]
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There's like this storm inside of me and it's been raging my whole life

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, better known for crass humor like the D.E.N.N.I.S. System, finished off its 13th season with an spellingbinding dance between Mac and professional ballerina Kylie Shea. [more inside]
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Before It Had a Theme - A Meta-Pod About This American Life

A new podcast from the Creator of Anxious Machine - Exploring individual epsiodes of This American Life Stoked to stumble into this in my feed this morning. As a lover of both TAL and Anxious Machine - Give a listen to this new podcast that delves into the making and backstory of old episodes of This American Life.
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"an intricate guitarist, an astute songwriter and a stylistic innovator"

Memphis Minnie — Guitar Queen, Hoodoo Lady and Songster is a site by guitarist Del Rey dedicated to blues musician Memphis Minnie. It has a biography, telling her story from her birth as Elizabeth "Kid" Douglas in 1897. It also includes an appreciative review from 1942 by Langston Hughes. Memphis Minnie recorded over 200 songs, most of whom are available on Spotify and other streaming services, but Del Rey curated a list of 28 songs on the website, and made a DVD tutorial on how to play the guitar like Memphis Minnie. She passed away in 1973, shortly after Led Zeppelin reworked one of her early recordings with Kansas Joe McCoy, When the Levee Breaks. Other well known songs by her include Me and My Chauffeur Blues, Hoodoo Lady Blues and Bumblebee.
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Ariana Grande: God is a Woman. King Princess: hold my beer...

The world is a dumpster fire, so now is a good time to enjoy the new single and music video from queer pop icon King Princess, Pussy is God. Featuring fun with chromakey, joyous toplessness, and A-grade dance moves.
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