November 21, 2018

The World According to Garp Was Never Meant to Be This Timeless

The World According to Garp Was Never Meant to Be This Timeless
In 1978, when Garp was published, I thought I’d written a period piece. Garp is an angry and a comic novel—a feminist novel and an ode to the women’s movement, which is at once exalted and satirized—but, above all (I thought), Garp is a period piece. I was wrong. The World According to Garp isn’t prescient, but sexual hatred hasn’t gone away. It’s not good news that Garp is still relevant. We should be ashamed that sexual intolerance is still tolerated, but it is.
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There is no real true joy

Debt: A Love Story. In exchange for anonymity, one couple lays out the brutal details of their life in the grip of an epic cycle of debt. Reactions are...mixed.
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Welcome to the Witch Capital of Norway

Vardø, Norway, makes Salem look like a walk in the park. [more inside]
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Life on a shrinking planet.

"We will have drawn a line in the sand and then watched a rising tide erase it." Bill McKibben updates us on climate change. (SLNewYorker)
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The Chimichanga Job

Did the makers of The Deadpool Before Christmas steal their Princess Bride-framing device idea from a cartoonist who tweeted that exact idea to Ryan Reynolds nearly a year ago? [more inside]
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"POC Thanksgiving is lit ... mashed potatoes but also lumpia and sisig"

If you want a break from turkey (or the store ran out), you can check out 15 alternative Thanksgiving meat recipes from Babble, or 33 vegetarian main dishes for Thanksgiving. For a broader view, look beyond the more traditional "western" cuisines, and consider multi-cultural meals -- Turkey And Tamales: People Of Color Share Their Multicultural Thanksgivings (NPR), in which Malaka Gharib notes that For many immigrant families, Thanksgiving is a time to take part in an American tradition, but it's also a great excuse to gather and eat the foods of their culture with friends and family. For some POCs, that's the best part of the holiday — a time when you can literally mash the cultures together on your plate....
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Jingle Rock, Jingle Rock, Bell Bell Bell

As the Thanksgiving parade plays in the background tomorrow, many families like mine will pull out the Christmas tunes. And so, Metafilter reminds you to include, on its the 14th (!) anniversary, the Mefi's Own PinkStainlessTail/Lentrohamsanin holiday classic "Jingle Rock Bell". (Lyrics, music video, and mefite karaoke performance.) For those who need a little more musical chaos in their life, try some of Mefi's Own cortex's Endless Jingling. [more inside]
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It's never too soon for '90s nostalgia.

Debuting in July 1991, Wizard: The Guide To Comics quickly became the comic-related magazine of the nineties, often outselling the periodicals it covered. Disparaged then and derided now for fanboy puerility, critical irrelevance, and oh-so-important price guide, it nevertheless provided many readers with their first introduction to what came to be known as 'Alternative Comics' via Palmer's Picks, featuring interviews, profiles, and reviews of indy/alt/lit creators and comics. Now, Tom Palmer Jr. is posting his past columns online, along with commentary. [more inside]
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Art Deco Patents

15 Patents from the Art Deco era. Radios, vacuums, toasters, clocks, etc.
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welcome to Dino's Tomato Pie website online

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The Hidden Message of 'Addams Family Values'

The Addams Family — led by father Gomez (the late and much-missed Raul Julia) and mother Morticia (Anjelica Huston), and expanded by the additional presence of newborn son Pubert (Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper) — may be socially mal-adjusted, but they’re also genuinely affectionate in ways that screenwriter Paul Rudnick intended as a sharp contrast with the behavior of conservative Americans who rallied behind the George H.W. Bush-era slogan of “family values.” In time for the 25th anniversary of Addams Family Values ’original theatrical release, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to some of the film’s key collaborators about family values, heavy makeup, and dropped eyeballs.
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Boycott Fox News

"We need to stop treating Fox like a normal media company and start treating it like any other business devoted to actively harming the public. It should be boycotted."
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strenuously inoffensive

Inside the booming business of background music
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